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How to protect your cat from holiday dangers The holidays are a time for joy and celebrating, but they can also be dangerous for our feline friends! From decorations and plants to rich foods and visitors, there are many potential hazards that can harm our cats.  Please share this post to help every cat parent keep an eye on our furry companions and protect cats from common holiday dangers! Holiday Decorations:          […]
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Ten Holiday Gifts for Your Cat Christmas time is around the corner, and most of our cat sitting clients are thinking of buying their beloved kitties a gift for the holidays. The holidays are, after all, a perfect time to give your feline something special, but how to choose? Here are some great gift ideas for your furry feline, courtesy of Angie, one of our dedicated cat sitters. Let us know if your cats approve […]
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Pets: An Hour with Them a Day Keeps You Healthy Today No matter if it is five minutes or five hours a day, being around your dog or cat is a great way to improve your health on a daily basis. We may be biased as pet sitters, but our clients agree…animals naturally give us that warm feeling inside. Your favorite companion can also make you extremely fit and help you keep it that way! […]
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