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Don’t punish your cat! As cat people and cat sitters, we do NOT punish cats. We address causes first to correct behavior. Punishing a cat can stress them out, make them feel frightened, worsen problems, and destroy the trust and bond they have with you. It’s helpful to think of them the way you would a human child- there is a reason they are “acting out.” They are responding to something in their lives or […]
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So let’s all agree, cats are all very different. Some say the color determines the attitude. Some swear that female orange cats are always jerks, tortoise shells are all super sweet, and calico cats are… extra spicy. Myths about kitties and their behavior abound- that they need to be outdoors, that they’re less needy than dogs. Whatever you think you know, it’s all different and so are they. These are some facts that you may […]
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Why Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box Cats. People have been trying to figure them out for years. Sometimes they are cuddly and loving, other times they seem cold and grumpy… one minute they are rubbing up against your leg, begging for head scratches, and the next they are pushing books off shelves. The biggest mystery among most cat owners is why a cat can be content using the litter box one day but then […]
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Ten Holiday Gifts for Your Cat Christmas time is around the corner, and most of our cat sitting clients are thinking of buying their beloved kitties a gift for the holidays. The holidays are, after all, a perfect time to give your feline something special, but how to choose? Here are some great gift ideas for your furry feline, courtesy of Angie, one of our dedicated cat sitters. Let us know if your cats approve […]
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