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Dog Walking Services In Miami

Dog Walking Services in Miami

Choose Your Walking Schedule

Whether you want dog walks five days a week or just one, we help you build the perfect plan for your pet. During all of our walking visits, no matter the duration, we are sure to leave clean water, provide your pet a treat (if it’s allowed), and check on your home to ensure all is well. Because, you and your pet deserve the best in care. In order to get the reduced rate for dog walking, you must book a minimum of 2 dog walks per week. If not, the single visit will be billed as a pet sit.

25 Minutes


+$5 for each additional pet

35 Minutes

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+$5 for each additional pet

45 Minutes


+$5 for each additional pet

60 Minutes


+$5 for each additional pet

Dog on a leash in Cocoplum

Just like people, dogs need to get outside.

They need to stretch their legs, move about, and take in some fresh air. Oh, and go to the bathroom. And they need to do that multiple times throughout the day. Typically, dogs should be walked at least three times a day: morning, mid-day, and evening.

In today’s crazy demanding world, it’s tough for most of us to take time away from the office during working hours to take our beloved pet for a quick stretch and bathroom break. This is where the best Miami dog walkers come in.

That’s where we come in.

Our team of experienced, motivated dog walkers will step in when you’re stuck at work or even when you just want to head out to happy hour with your co-workers. Hey, we all need a moment to decompress.

We’ll take your dog out for a midday stretch and stroll when you can’t. You choose the days and schedule that works best for you and your dog and we’ll be there. Day in and day out. As reliable as Old Faithful. Why? Because your pet deserves some dependability- as do you.

We build relationships with your pet. We want to ensure your dog gets what they need, every day.

Whether it’s as short as a 25 minute stretch and stroll or a longer 60 minute meander around the neighborhood, we can help.

Miami dog walker and a dog
Miami dog walker holding a poop bag

Create your own walking schedule.

We offer dog walking services based upon the length of time you want your dog to be outside, as well as the frequency you want them walked each week. At our initial meet-and-greet, we’ll discuss your dog’s breed, personality, age, and health restrictions that will allow us to create the best laid plan for your pet, together.

You can mix-and-match walk durations, frequency, and even throw in a weekly dog run if you would like. These are your pups’ walks and are completely customizable. In order to get our special dog walking rate, you must book a minimum of 2 visits per week. Once-a-week walks will be billed as pet sits.

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