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Protect your curious cats from the most common holiday dangers!

How to protect your cat from holiday dangers

The holidays are a time for joy and celebrating, but they can also be dangerous for our feline friends! From decorations and plants to rich foods and visitors, there are many potential hazards that can harm our cats.  Please share this post to help every cat parent keep an eye on our furry companions and protect cats from common holiday dangers!

Holiday Decorations:                                 

Cats may try to play with decorations such as tinsel, ribbons, and string lights, which can be dangerous if ingested. Tinsel can cause blockages in a cat’s digestive tract, while ribbons and string lights can cause choking or electrical shock. Try to get a pet-proof cord protector to prevent them from chewing on them.

Christmas Trees:

They may be treated with pesticides or other chemicals to preserve them, accumulating on their needles. Cats may ingest these and get sick from the chemicals… or they may cause mayhem in your cat’s stomach and intestine, puncturing the lining. Make sure to sweep up needles, spray cat deterrent at the base of your tree, and try to keep your cat away from the tree. You also don’t want your cat lapping up the water in the tree stand, so use a covered Christmas tree stand or cover it in aluminum foil.

Holiday Plants:

Many holiday plants such as mistletoe and holly are toxic to cats if ingested. Keep these plants out of reach of curious cats. 

Holiday Food:

Cats should not be given chocolate or alcohol, as both can be toxic to them. In addition, fatty foods and rich desserts can cause stomach upset in cats, so avoid that common holiday hazard. 


The commotion of holiday gatherings can stress out some cats, leading them to hide or become aggressive. Make sure your cat has a safe, quiet place to retreat to if they become overwhelmed, and teach your guests how to respect your kitty’s privacy. 

If you have any concerns about your cat’s exposure to common holiday dangers this season, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian. They can provide specific advice and recommendations to keep your feline friend safe. And keep this number handy: The phone number for the ASPCA Poison Control is 1-888-426-4435, 24 hours a day. Read our post on helping protect your dogs from holiday dangers, too!

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