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Overnight Stays in Miami

We get it: home is home.

While some pets thrive with pet sitting while you’re away, others need overnight care. And sometimes, it’s you who needs the added comfort of knowing someone is with your pet all night long.

That’s why, during overnight stays, we want to keep your pets in their element- so instead we come to you.

We’ll stay with your pets in your home while you’re traveling. We arrive between 9 and 10pm and stay until 7am the next morning.

During our overnight stays, we ensure your pets are walked, given clean water, and a good long cuddle session on their favorite couch or bed. They also get a morning walk and breakfast before we leave the next day. Additionally, we do a home check to be sure all is well when we arrive and before we leave.

This service must be used along with a minimum of one extra visit midday to ensure your pets’ level of comfort. These visits are typically between 12 and 4pm, depending on your pets’ needs. Most clients schedule both a midday and a dinner visit when signing up for overnight stays for their pets.

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Overnights > Boarding

We understand the need for boarding a pet, particularly if you plan to be away for an extended period of time. But whenever given the opportunity, opting for an overnight stay is always in the best interest of your pet.

Animals have emotions too, and when you leave their anxiety is already triggered. The best thing for them is to be home, in their bed, where they feel safe and cared for.

(Added benefits are that you also get a house sitter in the process.)

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Overnight Stay


+$15 for each additional pet

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