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Professional Pet Sitting, Dog Walking
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Pet Sitting Services in Miami

The care they need.

Travel happens. Thankfully.
But when you’re away, your pets still need love and affection, not to mention, basics like food and water.

While you’re globetrotting, we step up to ensure your pets are fed, cared for, snuggled, and given the care they need. Our Pet Sitting services include daily visits so that your pets are properly cared for – and don’t feel left behind. We require a minimum of 3 daily visits – but you can certainly book as many visits as you like to make your pets feel comfortable.


Pet Sitting is not limited to one type of animal. We offer pet sitting services for all your pets: dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles, pocket pets, and even fish!

What’s a pocket pet? You’ll know it when you see it.

Blue parakeet

Late night and mini visits.

Additionally, we offer late night visits – which are between the hours of 9pm and 10pm and is a 25-minute visit. This is recommended for anyone whose pets need that extra just-before-bed walk or late-night snuggle.

We also offer mini visits* for smaller pets such as birds, rodents, reptiles, and fish. These visits last 15 minutes.

Choose Your Pet Care Plan

When you’re out of town, or busy with life, it’s important to get the right care for your pet(s). Mix and match the visits that works best for your scheduling needs.

30 Minute Visit


+$4 for each additional pet

45 Minute Visit

Our Best Deal!

+$4 for each additional pet

60 Minute Visit


+$4 for each additional pet

15 Minute

Mini Visit

+$4 for each additional pet

Late Night

Mini Visit

+$4 for each additional pet

*mini visit not available in condominiums/apartment complexes.

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