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Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

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Pets: An Hour with Them a Day Keeps You Healthy Today

No matter if it is five minutes or five hours a day, being around your dog or cat is a great way to improve your health on a daily basis. We may be biased as pet sitters, but our clients agree…animals naturally give us that warm feeling inside. Your favorite companion can also make you extremely fit and help you keep it that way!

Our pets are natural mood boosters. It only takes a short period of time with them for you to feel less stressed and at ease. In essence, your body initially goes through changes that make a difference in your mood; the American Heart Association says that our heart rates slow down within just 10 seconds of touching one of our fur kids. That’s a great help to those with high blood pressure; many studies even go so far as to recommend patients who have the time and the means to adopt! (Find source) have shown that the interaction with pets assists in lowering blood pressure and heart rates.
Dogs especially help people achieve the physical activity they need to stay healthy.

They also strengthen us mentally and emotionally. Dogs, cats, birds… they help us lead a life free of depression, anxiety, and even asthma. Did you know that children who grew up with pets are less likely to have asthma?  Besides their unconditional love and affection, pets give you as their owner a sense of determination, a purpose.

We believe in this purpose. We feel the urge to create a pet-friendly atmosphere that brings together love, energy, and companionship. Its just one of the many reasons why we feel the need to not only cherish your adorable loved ones, but embrace them.

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