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Why cats pee outside the litter box

Why Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box

Cats. People have been trying to figure them out for years. Sometimes they are cuddly and loving, other times they seem cold and grumpy… one minute they are rubbing up against your leg, begging for head scratches, and the next they are pushing books off shelves. The biggest mystery among most cat owners is why a cat can be content using the litter box one day but then the next day they take it upon themselves to make the clean basket of laundry their “throne”. The answer isn’t as complicated as people like to think, it just takes someone channeling their inner Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery.

Reasons Why Cats Pee Outside the Litter Box

  • Cats like it tidy

Cats are very particular and so if their litter box is not kept just right they often will choose to go elsewhere. No one wants to climb around in their own waste, so why would a cat? Litter boxes should be scooped out daily, sometimes even twice a day. It is also important to not be stingy with the cat litter. Cats want their boxes to be fluffy, so they can dig around and bury their mess because just like you, they don’t want to smell it or see it either.

  • Cats like their privacy

It is important to place the litter box in a private, quiet, undisturbed area. When you are doing your business, you don’t want someone barging in on you or causing a big ruckus. They want to feel safe and secure at their most vulnerable. With that said, cats don’t necessarily like covered litter boxes, because it makes them feel trapped. It also can trap in the smell, which if you ever have gone in a porta potty, you know it’s typically quite unpleasant.

  • Cats like it sandy  

While it’s important to keep the litter box full, what you fill the litter box with is even more important. Cats want to dig around in something soft, that is kind to their paws. Sandy litter works best.   

  • Cats may have a medical problem

If you scoop regularly, give them their privacy, and give them the litter of their choice, but they still continue to go outside their box, there could be a larger underlying issue. Urinary tract infection, kidney disease, or diabetes are just some medical conditions that can cause a cat to lose control of their bladder.  If you cannot get down to the cause of the problem, it is necessary to take your cat to the vet. Also pay attention to frequency of urination- cats are very sensitive animals and one day without urinating can mean devastating issues.

Solving your kitty litter problem doesn’t have to be a brain-wrenching mystery. Just get out your magnifying glass and search for the clues. Our cats may be grumpy and a bit unpredictable at times, but at the end of the day they just want the best of the best and that’s what they deserve.


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