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How to play with your indoor cat! At Equipaws, a lot of our pack is comprised of pups (and a few bipeds), but we also have kitties in the family! As such, this blog is for our feline pals and their parents, who know that bringing a cat into their home is a significant commitment. We want  to help you provide a happy and healthy environment for your cat, not only for the cat’s sake, […]
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Cat lovers (like your friendly Equipaws cat sitters) know that you should take your cats to the vet regularly for their check ups to keep your cat healthy. We know many of you already take your kitties to their yearly visits, but there are still some cat owners who only take them when there is a problem. Here are five important reasons why taking your cat to the veterinarian yearly (and even more often as […]
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So let’s all agree, cats are all very different. Some say the color determines the attitude. Some swear that female orange cats are always jerks, tortoise shells are all super sweet, and calico cats are… extra spicy. Myths about kitties and their behavior abound- that they need to be outdoors, that they’re less needy than dogs. Whatever you think you know, it’s all different and so are they. These are some facts that you may […]
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