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Who Needs Pet Home Health Care?

Who needs pet home health care? As much as we try to keep them healthy and safe, our pets may experience disease, accidents, or certain illnesses that will require extra care, such as administration of fluid, insulin for diabetes, or rehab and wound care. Our dogs and cats are getting the best in medicine these days. Dogs and cats are fortunate that veterinary medicine has advanced as much as it has. From diabetes detection to excellent surgical outcomes, our beloved pets have the support they need to live long, healthy lives. 

As pet parents, we know how it is to want the best care for our fur kids, in sickness and in health. One option for their health care that many people don’t know exists is in-home vet tech services, which make it  possible for your furry family members to recover in the comfort of home. A quality in-home health care program will give you the peace of mind that they are receiving their prescribed treatment as denoted by their veterinarian while keeping them in their own environment. What kinds of pets benefit from pet home health care? Consider the following: 

Your pet needs nursing care, medication administration, or injections. 

Sometimes administering oral medication is daunting. You either are inexperienced, or your cat might not be very open to it. One of our vet techs with many years of experience and a soothing, calming presence to help make this easy. Sometimes a pet parent doesn’t want to be seen as the “mean” person forcing their pet to take medication that might not taste great. We’re happy to be your support!


Your pet needs physical therapy, rehabilitation, or post-operative care. 

Operations happen, and rehabilitation, PT, and post-op care is essential. Your veterinarian may prescribe PT daily, several times a week, or less. If taking your pet to the veterinarian is challenging with your work schedule, at home physical therapy or rehab is a great option so your pet gets consistent care. We provide these services according to your veterinarian’s detailed instructions on the rehabilitation required, and our vet techs will update your veterinarian with your pet’s progress after each visit.  This service is particularly helpful for post-orthopedic surgeries. 


Does your pet need Subcutaneous Fluid Administration?

Administering subcutaneous fluid can be tricky for pet owners who aren’t used to it. We can administer sub-q fluids for your pets in the comfort of their home, without distractions, noises, and the upset of being at the vet. All fluids must be prescribed by their veterinarian, and pet owners must provide set up and fluids. This is a great service for cats with renal disease! Our vet techs are kitty whisperers and make this seem like a walk in the park. 


If your previously diagnosed diabetic pet needs a blood glucose check, we have you covered:


Checking your pet’s blood glucose in the comfort of their home is beneficial! There will be less stress surrounding it. Reducing stress will help achieve more accurate results and promote better management of your pet’s diabetes.  Consistently checking glucose levels helps you and your veterinarian:

  • achieve good glycemic control
  • improve quality of life
  • possibly help with lifespan, and diminish clinical symptoms (for example, increased thirst, increased urination, weight loss, and increased appetite).
  • This service is only available for previously diagnosed diabetics. Results will be reported to your veterinarian and they will contact you regarding any changes in dosage.  

Very important: 

While home monitoring helps gain beneficial information, it does not replace regular rechecks with the veterinarian. However, when used appropriately, it is a powerful tool that helps the client and the veterinarian better understand the pet’s disease and make more informed decisions regarding treatment.


Does your pet need wound care or bandages changed?

Your pet may have had an accident or an operation that requires for the wounds to be managed with bandaging and debridement. If you are uncomfortable providing wound care (re-bandaging, etc.) our in-home vet techs will change bandages and apply medication as prescribed by your veterinarian.  Owner must supply bandage materials and medication as prescribed by your veterinarian.  


Ear and Eye Cleaning:

Yes, we can even clean your pet’s ears and/or eyes with a cleaner provided by your veterinarian! We always follow your veterinarian’s instructions. 


Remember, you can take your pet to the veterinarian and you also have the option of having a veterinary technician come to your home when you can’t leave, or don’t have time to sit in Miami traffic. Our experienced, competent veterinary technicians can administer medications, fluids, and carry out your pet’s treatment plan with Fear-Free Strategies as directed by your veterinarian. Read more here about our pet home health care offerings or contact us today for help with your pet’s health care needs. 

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