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Helping Pets around the World with Visiting Veterinarians International

We are SO very proud our head of Pet Home Health Care, Lory Nelson Brunner, for volunteering her time and expertise to Visiting Veterinarians International, a wonderful cause.
Visiting Veterinarians Internationalā€™s mission is to provide veterinary care to areas of the world who lack appropriate veterinary care or have limited access to veterinary care.

Lory has a heart of gold. Please consider donating to Visiting Veterinarians International so they can purchase necessary medications, anesthetics, and supplies for this campaign.

Lory joined Visiting Veterinarians International for their project in Belize. Lory is a Veterinary Technician with 20 plus years experience, and has been involved in the management of veterinary clinics for a long time. She says, “I love to teach and have a continuous desire to learn.” Lory has been on 4 veterinary campaigns to Belize. “If traveling were free, no one would see me again.” She lives and works on several entities in Miami, Florida, has 3 amazing kids, spends lots of time on the water and wears many hats to keep her out of trouble. Lory is a Quality Manager for a Birth Tissue International, manager of Miami Meow Mobile, a high volume, non-profit feline spay neuter mobile practice county wide, and her newest venture is that she joined an amazing team – Equipaws Pet Services (us!) to develop their Pet Home Health Care Division, the goal being to make it possible for clients to comply with their veterinarian’s treatment plans when they feel overwhelmed by it or when hospitalization is not an option. Helping the pets live happier longer lives in the comfort of home.

“People are Compassionately making pets even more a part of the family than ever. Itā€™s a good feeling to share that with other countries and watch them evolving into the same mindset, love and care for their pets as they deserve, each time we return to remote areas. I love what I do.” All Visiting Veterinarians International members are 100% volunteers who travel at their own expense to help support animals in need. Each volunteer provides their own airfare to the location, gives up their vacation time at work and provides their skills and knowledge to help these animals. Each campaign is dependent on fundraising and grants to provide the necessary medications and supplies to perform each campaign.

Please head over here to donate for this project.Ā 

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