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How to keep your cat healthy!

Cat lovers (like your friendly Equipaws cat sitters) know that you should take your cats to the vet regularly for their check ups to keep your cat healthy. We know many of you already take your kitties to their yearly visits, but there are still some cat owners who only take them when there is a problem. Here are five important reasons why taking your cat to the veterinarian yearly (and even more often as kittens or as they age) will keep your cat healthy and happy:⁣

1. Easy Prevention

Some people believe cats don’t need to go to the veterinarian as often as dogs. But the best way to keep a cat healthy is to schedule yearly visits! Regular checkups can help identify potential health problems early on and make them easier to treat.

2. Cats are good at hiding pain or sickness

Remember, cats are really good at hiding signs they are sick or in pain, which means they could be suffering silently or hiding a health condition that your veterinarian, with their training and years of expertise and knowledge, could identify and treat before it gets worse. Don’t skip the yearly visits if you can manage, it’s not worth saving the money in the short-run. ⁣

3. Yearly vaccines are important!

A vet can provide important preventive care, such as core vaccines (Rabies, FHV-1, FCV, FPV) and parasite control, to help keep your cat healthy. ⁣These are especially important for your outdoor kitties!

4. Get them comfortable with their vet

Regular visits to the veterinarian can help establish a good relationship between your cat and the vet, which can make future visits less stressful for both you and your cat. ⁣The less traumatic and foreign the vet visit, the better for everyone involved.

5. Diet and exercise!

Your veterinarian can also provide valuable advice on your cat’s diet, exercise, and overall care, which can help ensure that your cat stays healthy and happy. Too many kitties these days are obese, so make sure you’re staying on top of their diets and playing with your indoor kitties especially! Read more on how to keep your indoor cats healthy with enriching games and environments.

If you need help providing enrichment, always feel free to contact us. We have quite a few cat whisperers on the team ready and able to get your cats active!


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