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Should You Let Your Dog Stop and Enjoy Sniffing on Walks?

The Importance of letting your dog sniff on walks

Do you feel like your dog drags you around on his walks because he wants to sniff? Does it feel strange to you and leave you wondering whether you should let your dog stop and enjoy sniffing on walks or whether you should direct them back to your power walk? We’re happy to report that letting dogs enjoy sniffing on walks is perfectly okay and also has so many benefits!⁣

Sniffing on Walks is Mentally Enriching

It helps to stimulate their mind and provide mental enrichment. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell thanks to their 200 million scent receptors, and they get a lot of pleasure from using it to explore their surroundings. 👃🏽Their noses are like our eyes- they get a ton of juicy information and see the world through scent. ⁣

Letting dogs sniff reduces stress!

Sniffing helps to keep a dog’s mind and body active, which can help to prevent boredom and destructive behavior and reduce stress. There was even a study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science that determined “that allowing dogs to spent more time using their olfaction through a regular nosework activity makes them more optimistic. By allowing dogs more “foraging” time, their welfare is improved.” How neat is that!

As professional dog walkers, we ask our pet parents to tell us what kind of walk they want for their dog so we can focus on that. Some doggies are apartment dwellers and don’t get the chance to sniff backyard goodies, so letting them enjoy more sniffing walks are fun for them! ⁣

Quicker-paced walks are also important, but if you’re the kind of person who pulls their dogs away from sniffing too long, you should consider scheduling in sniffaris for your dogs when you’re in less of a hurry (or hire us to do it for you!).

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