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Veterinary visits

An ounce of prevention… Many people wonder how often they should take their pets to the vet.  Some pet parents take their pets yearly. Others, quite honestly, sometimes let a couple of years or more go by between visits. Life happens, but it’s very important to keep your pets on their recommended veterinary schedule! Your veterinary visit schedule will vary by species, age, temperament and especially health and history.  But, the bottom line is that […]
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What Takes so Darn Long Waiting Curbside at the Vet? Time well spent If you’re headed to the veterinarian, be prepared to wait in the car. There are many reasons your wait may seem so long- be kind and keep this in mind when the staff come to your car. The vet techs and clinic staff are essential workers, and this is their new norm: running back and forth to the parking lot in 90 […]
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