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In this dog walker’s view, dog walks and pet toothpaste and tooth brushing are an even tie in the hierarchy of fun, yet healthy, “treats.” After all, it’s well-established that exercise will keep your pooch healthy physically and mentally, but do you know why you should brush your pets’ teeth daily? Since February is  “National Pet Dental Health Month,” we thought we’d talk about that instead of our obsession with dog exercise for a change! […]
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Fresh Breath for Pets Photo Contest! Who has the cleanest, healthiest smile of all? How likely are you to smooch your pooch or kitty on Valentine’s Day? If you said “not very,” that’s a red flag! Did you know foul dog and cat breath is NOT normal? Stinky breath can signal gum or periodontal disease in your fur kids, which can cause a lot of damage to their internal organs! So through the end of […]
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