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Freshest Breath for Pets Photo Contest | Miami

Fresh Breath for Pets Photo Contest!

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Who has the cleanest, healthiest smile of all?

How likely are you to smooch your pooch or kitty on Valentine’s Day? If you said “not very,” that’s a red flag! Did you know foul dog and cat breath is NOT normal? Stinky breath can signal gum or periodontal disease in your fur kids, which can cause a lot of damage to their internal organs!

So through the end of February, we want to encourage you to keep up (or start!) your daily dental routine with your furry family members. We’ll share tips and tricks for introducing the concept of brushing to your skeptical cats (it won’t hurt… much). We want you to share how YOU keep your dog and cats’ breath clean!

We also want you to submit your best photos of your cats and dogs’ pearly whites! We will collect these photos until the end of February, and then choose the pet with the shiniest, healthiest smile as a winner of a $25.00 gift certificate to any service we offer!

How to participate:

Winning that $25 gift certificate is easy! Just enter the contest in one of these three ways.

  1. Post your pet’sĀ photo on ourĀ Facebook page
  2. Post your cat or dog’s photo on Twitter (remember to mentionĀ @Equipawspets!)
  3. Post your photo on Instagram and tag us at EquipawsPetsMiami so we know!

The pet with the shiniest, whitest smile will win our Fresh Pooch Smooch & Clean Kitty Contest, and a $25.00 gift certificate for any of our services. A winner will be announced on March 3, 2014; stay tuned and feel free to send any questions to info@equipawspetservices.com (or ask in the comments, below!).


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