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Is the Best Treat You Can Give Your Dog Toothpaste?

Dog dental hygiene keep those pearly whites clean
Not exactly! In this dog walker’s view, dog walks and pet toothpaste and tooth brushing are an even tie in the hierarchy of fun, yet healthy, “treats.” After all, it’s well-established that exercise will keep your pooch healthy physically and mentally, but do you know why you should brush your pets’ teeth daily? Since February is  “National Pet Dental Health Month,” we thought we’d talk about that instead of our obsession with dog exercise for a change!

Did you know that bad breath is NOT normal for dogs and cats? Observe the odor and quality of your pet’s teeth and gums. Bad odor, plaque, and red, inflamed gums are all reminders to brush your pups’ and kitties’ not-so-pearly whites, or to see a veterinarian!

A majority of our pets are not sporting spotless grins. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of dental gum disease by the age of three!

The problem with gum disease is not only in the pain it causes, but also the infection and proliferation of bacteria, which can spread into the bloodstream and then cause damage to internal organs. Learn more about Periodontal Disease in this YouTube video from the AVMA’s channel.


The GREAT news is that periodontal disease is completely preventable. We’ll be sharing posts on the proper way to brush your dog or cat’s teeth (yes, you CAN do it!) and great toys to help your cause. We also want to reward the dog or cat in Miami who has the sweetest-breath… er, smile!

Simply enter our FRESH BREATH FOR PETS Contest! (Just in time for Valentine’s Day and National Pet Dental Health Month!)

As always, we’re here for you if you have any questions about your pets! Give us a call at 305-794-3733, or email us at info@equipawspetservices.com. You can also leave comments, below!

Image: Smerikal

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