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Rainy Day Dog Walking

Hi, dear dog walking clients! It’s the rainy season in Miami, so this is a reminder of our rainy-day dog-walking practices!

We walk dogs rain or shine, barring hurricanes, lightning, or other acts of nature. If our team members see lightning, they will take your dogs out for a quick potty break, do their best to get them to go #1 and #2, and then bring your dogs back in to get a delicious towel drying in the safety of your home. They will finish their visits inside and provide indoor playtime, cuddles, and enrichment. 

So please remember to set your doggies up for success on their rainy-day walks by updating your profiles on your Precise Pet Care app and providing the following:

  • Ensure the doggie towels are accessible to our team so we can dry your pups off!
  • Feel free to leave the towels by the front door before you leave for work if you prefer.
  • Keep your pups’ favorite treats on hand to coax them out for their potty breaks. Some dogs despise the rain and need extra help!
  • Have your dogs’ Thundershirts, CBD oil, or any other calming supplements/medications accessible, and let us know if you’d like us to leave your TV or Alexa on with music.
  • Leave your dogs’ favorite toys, brushes, and treat puzzles/snuffle mats on hand for indoor enrichment.
  • Stock up on paper towels, gloves, and cleaning supplies so our team members can clean up any mud if needed.
  • Leave your rain booties and rain jackets out for us! (If you don’t have one, pleeeease purchase cute raincoats so we can play dress-up with your dogs! It’s not mandatory, but we’d love it if you would!)

Thank you for helping us give your dogs the best experience during our rainy season! Please feel free to call or email management if you have any questions or need help updating your dogs’ profiles. Stay dry!


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