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5 Dog Raincoats and Jackets to Consider for Miami’s Rain

*We independently evaluate all recommended products and services based on personal use and recommendations from clients and sitters. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation.

Best dog raincoats and jackets, based on reviews! 

We’ve had dogs our whole lives (we have photos with us as babies in diapers sitting next to our beloved family Afghans, Sasha and Marushka!), but we’ve never had such picky ones when it comes to rain until we met Nutmeg, our little Chiweenie. He refuses to walk in the rain, even a light drizzle. And many of our clients’ dogs aren’t happy about walking in the rain either! The only way we get Nutmeg to walk for his morning potty is if he’s swaddled in his raincoat, safe from getting wet. We’ve put together a list of rain gear for your own water-averse dogs in the hopes that it will make your lives easier. From simple ponchos to a full-bodied rain jacket, we’ve got you covered!

1. Luccalilly Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket

This one is also very popular and has a belly cover, which is important while walking in the Miami rain. It also has little leg bands to keep the rain coat close to Tally’s legs, so the wind doesn’t make the raincoat whip up.

Purchase the Luccalilly Waterproof Dog Rain Jacket here.

  • MATERIAL:  lightweight imitation leather with a waterproof coating to keep your pup dry while walking in the rain. 
  • FEATURES:  Underbelly cover protects pets and keeps their tummies dry. Cords along the legs help keep the raincoat snug to make sure the raincoat won’t lift on windy days. Opening in the back for harness hook up. Reflective strip for night walking keeps your pets safe 
  • SIZING: For the best fit, match the dimensions from our size chart to your pet’s measurements as closely as possible. 


 2. Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO, Dog Raincoat, Hedge, 16 in

 The Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO is super popular and on sale now. It works for light to medium rain and has good reviews. Unlike most raincoats and ponchos you’ll see, the Rain Blocker covers your dog’s legs, too. This comes in handy for our dogs with longer fur. As of this writing, the Hurtta Rain Blocker is on sale.

Purchase the Hurtta Rain Blocker ECO here.

  • MATERIAL: The outer shell is 100% recycled waterproof and breathable polyester. An average of 15 plastic bottles are used to make each coat
  • FEATURES:  There is an opening on the back of the coat for a harness hook up. All seams have been taped for waterproofness. A rain trap is added to the collar to stop water from getting inside the coat. Adjustable at the back, waist, neckline, rain collar and leg openings for a perfect fit and allow freedom of movement
  • SIZING: The Hurtta Rain Blocker seems to run large, so please check the sizing chart and read the comments to make the best decision on sizing. 


3. HDE Hooded Dog Raincoat/Poncho

This raincoat is more of a poncho and quite basic, but but it has a whopping 16K reviews on Amazon, most of them good (4.4 star rating). If you want something simple and affordable, with plenty of cute color options, this is the raincoat for your dog!

Purchase the HDE Hooded Raincoat/Poncho here.

  • MATERIAL:  100% polyester with a waterproof coating to keep your pet dry. 
  • FEATURES:  Very lightweight and easy to pack. It has a strip of reflective material to keep you safe at night. Adjustable underbelly strap for a comfy fit, with a lot of color options. Hood to protect your dog’s head from getting wet. Opening in the back for a harness hook up
  • SIZING: Sizes: S (12.5″), M (15.5″), L (22.5″), XL (25.5″). 


4. YOULY The Nature Lover Yellow Dog Raincoat

Our dog Nutmeg uses this one. It has a zipper down the front, which can be hard to close on him sometimes, so keep that in mind. It also has long sleeves, so the sizing can be a little awkward. Overall, we love it for him, but some people really don’t like the zipper. Purchase the Youly Nature Lover Dog Raincoat here. 

  • MATERIAL: The website doesn’t specify, but it’s waterproof
  • FEATURES: Reflective strip to keep you safe during night walkies. Clear visor to keep your dog’s head dry, and keep things visible. Hole for harness hookup
  • SIZING: Sizes XXS-XXXL are available, check website for exact measurements.


Torrential Tracker in Yellow, Canada Pooch Dog Raincoat

5. Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat

The Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat is perfect for our shorter Corgi friends and company!

Purchase the Torrential Tracker Dog Raincoat here.

  • MATERIALS: The shell is 100% Polyester. The lining is 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • FEATURES: Water-resistant shell with reflective trims for visibility and night time walks. It has functional pockets, full belly coverage, adjustable Velcro closure, with four colors available
  • SIZING: Check the size chart to make sure you get the right size for you dogs. Sleeves are available for size 8-16


Miami’s weather is full of rainstorms, so it’s good to be prepared! We hope this mini guide on dog raincoats helps you choose how to keep your pets dry and stylish! Let us know if you liked any of these dog raincoats, and which one you choose. These accessories will protect them from getting drenched and feeling uncomfortable, while looking adorable!

Remember to ease your dogs into using raincoats the first time with plenty of patience and positive reinforcement. Let us know if you need more tips, and please remember to leave your dog’s raincoat, towels, and treats ready for us when we come over to walk them on rainy days. Also, remember to read up on our rainy-day dog walking rules here.



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