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Thanks to Our Wonderful Pet Sitters!

March 1, 2015 marks the beginning of Professional Pet Sitters Week, a week designated by Pet Sitters International as a time for appreciation for pet professionals. Pet sitters like us practice home service and become essential members of our clients’ families. We believe that at-home care is the best choice for Miami’s dogs and cats, and are thrilled to be a part of elevating the home services industry with our professionalism, dedication, reliability, and love of pets!

We have had a great year, with hiring four new employees and meeting many new clients, and we could not be more grateful. We began this company in 2011 with a small core of just Flavia and Frankie, and with many people in Miami unaware of what pet sitting even was.

We’ve come a long way! We now have ten employees, all trained under Flavia, all willing to go above and beyond for our clients. They have been available for last-minute pet sits when our clients take ill and need to go to the hospital. They have helped Flavia bake homemade dog treats into the late hours of the night, and they volunteer at events that Equipaws helps sponsor supporting local dog rescues.

Our clients love us because of the quality of our care, and that’s a team effort. It is our mission to be a part of Miami’s pet professional community for as long as we live, and hopefully beyond (no, not as the ghosts of pet sitters, but through our families!). Working with animals is more than a job; it’s a calling for many of us. So if you see one of our pet sitters on the street, walking a pup or just enjoying themselves off duty, please tell them you appreciate them!

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