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The South Miami Rotary Art Festival Recap

Dog-Friendly South Miami Rotary Art Festival

We were more than happy to volunteer at the dog-friendly South Miami Rotary Art Festival this past weekend! Over 150 artists showed their wonderful work, and thousands of Miamians brought their dogs along for a stroll along Sunset Drive. Equipaws Pet Services offered fresh water and special freeze-dried liver and cod treats at their Doggy Hydration station for the second year in a row. Owner Flavia and her pet sitters Tom, Becca, Sara, Tony, and Frankie were on hand to snuggle pups and bring them out of the sun under the shade of the Equipaws tent, and to trade fun dog stories and tips with pet parents.

We were happy to see many of our pet sitting and dog walking clients make it out to this fantastic event, too! The pups were decked out in their very fashionable leashes and beautiful dog carriages. There were a few newly-adopted rescue dogs, which always warms our hearts. For the most part, pet parents were responsible with their pups this year. Many had their own bottled water and dog poop bags on their persons; if they didn’t, they were on the lookout for watering opportunities for their pups and made beelines for the doggy hydration station. We noticed that no one put a sweater on their pups this year; this is great, considering that last year many people dressed their dogs to the nines in eighty degree weather. Finally, many people were conscious of their dogs’ paws, keeping them to the shade instead of the hot asphalt.

The South Miami Rotary Art Festival has been running for 32 years and is truly a labor of love. As we mentioned in our previous blog post on the art festival, the proceeds from the festival are donated for scholarships and other opportunities for local and international students and service projects.

We hope you enjoy the gallery of cute dogs from the festival, and hope we see you next year!

Dogs of South Miami Rotary Art Festival

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