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January Is Walk Your Pet Month!

Walk Your Pet Month

January is Walk Your Pet Month and Equipaws is here to help! No matter your pet walking needs our team has their sneakers laced up, tied tight, and ready to go! Whether you need midday visits, late night walks, or energy spending runs our staff is eager to get your pets out and about this month and future months to come.

Regularly walking your dog and/or cat has significant importance for their overall health and mental well-being. Besides the general health benefits that exercise can provide, walks help release a lot of pent up energy they may feel being cooped up in the house all day. Dogs should get at least an hour of exercise per day and some breeds require even more. Indoor cats often lack monitored outdoor time, but they require similar energetic outputs as dogs.

Walks are enriching and allow your pets to utilize most of their senses. Sniffing around in bushes, feeling the grass under their paws, listening to the birds chirping, and watching other pets passing by are just some things they can look forward to on daily walks. By seeing and experiencing the distraction other pets and people can create, walks provide a healthy dose of socialization.

So, this January get outside with your pets, get your walkers outside with your dogs, get your pets outside with other pets! Make Walk Your Pet Month the start of a healthy lifestyle and a happy fur baby!

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