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It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

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National Train Your Dog Month

Training isn’t some luxury only wealthy pet owners get the privilege of receiving, it’s a necessity every dog owner should factor into when they purchase a pet. A well-trained dog leads to a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle.  At Equipaws Pet Services, we understand that the hustle and bustle of everyday life can get in the way of consistent dog training in Miami, but we encourage you to take this new year to become the best dog owner you can be! January is National Train Your Dog Month, so what better time than the present to get your dog the training they deserve?

What training is the best training?

No two dogs are the same. Training for one dog may not be right for another, so it is important to ask yourself what expectations you have for your dog and what is your dog capable of? For example, if you want a hunting dog they will require much more intense and more frequent training than a house dog and a French Bulldog will have greater limits than an active and limber Catahoula. For reasons like these, it is important to shop around and find a trainer that meshes with you, gets along with your dog, and takes care of both your needs.

Is it important to continue training?

While the initial training sessions are extremely important, the follow up is even more vital. Keeping up with dog training helps keep their skills fresh and gives you an opportunity to work closely with one another. As a pet owner it isn’t just your responsibility to keep your dog physically fit, but mentally fit as well. Training reaches all their senses. It requires them to listen to the things being asked of them, to think about the things they have been taught, smell and taste treats given to positively reinforce desired behaviors, and feel the pride when they make the correct choices.  

What is the best way to continue training?

The best way to ensure training continues is to set aside time throughout the week specifically for training. These training sessions can be broken up throughout the day or completed all at once, and they can be completed during walks or in the comfort of your home. The goal is to create a variety of training sessions and to keep things exciting. Also, training with distractions, such as at a dog park or the outdoor mall, helps teach the dog how to focus on what’s being asked.

So, this January, get the dog you dreamed about. Find a trainer that suits you both, find the best training strategy that keeps your dog’s mind fresh, and find the best way to keep your dog training throughout the new year!

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