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Your Pet’s New Year’s Resolutions

Your pet's new year's resolutions

New Year, New You, New Them

The saying may go “New year, new you”, but New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be just about you. Whether you have had a pet for a long time or accepting a new one into your family, setting your pet’s New Year’s resolutions together can help bring a great sense of camaraderie. This year Equipaws encourages you to set goals and make strides with your pets in mind.

Your Pet’s New Year’s Resolution: Eat Right

Stop feeding your pets table scraps and start feeding them the right stuff for their bodies! The extra cheeseburger you buy your dog at the drive thru, the leftover chicken nuggets you pass off to your cat, or the piece of granola bar you break off and share with your rabbit may make your pet extremely happy, but these bad habits you have created for them are dangerous. Caloric intake is not the same for humans and our pets, so those little nibbles of food here and there could be equivalent to an entire days’ worth the calories for them. 

Table scraps not only lead to obesity in our pets, but it also leads to many more problematic conditions such as respiratory compromise, hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, and much more. So, the next time you get the urge to share your tasty treat with your pets, think twice, and grab a pet-approved treat instead. We assure you they will not know the difference and their heart, body and mind will forever be thankful!

Check out our previous blogs on several local dog food providers, including Animal Crackers, Dishes for Dogs, and Pet Wants Miami.

No Surprise Here: Exercise More!

The new year hits and gym memberships go up. Everyone has the motivation to become their physical best for the new year to come, but why not share that goal with your pet?  Instead of putting in monotonous hours at the gym, leash up your dog, or cat, and get out there. This gives ample bonding opportunity  as well as time to explore the great outdoors and work up an authentic sweat you can’t get at the gym. We’re always happy to help your dogs with daily walks and runs, of course. Visit our pet services page to learn more about dog walking services offered. 

If normal pets aren’t your speed and you have pets of the more “exotic” variety take some extra time during your week to give them something that’s out of their daily norm. Take your rabbit outside to graze, take your snake out for a sunny walk, build a maze for your lizard. These things will be both enriching for you and for your lucky friend. Always monitor your smaller pets when taking them outdoors- rabbits can overheat quickly and also catch fleas and mites. Talk to your veterinarian about flea prevention- it does exist!

Lifelong Learning: Train Your Pets 

The saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is bogus! Animals are always able and willing to learn, some just take longer than others and some just require a bit more encouragement. Dogs in particular want a tasty treat and a happy owner. If you are sick and tired of your dog jumping on visitors, your cat scratching the bed posts, or your rabbit going to the bathroom all over your house, this new year is the perfect time to teach your pet new tricks. This can help break bad habits, help keep their minds healthy, and help keep your relationship strong. We recommend several trainers in Miami, including Applause Your Paws and Cadence K9 Miami.

So, join your pet’s New Year’s resolutions with your own for a healthy lifestyle with your pet. Keep your mind, body, and soul happy and healthy by incorporating your pets into your everyday life. Push each other and work together to achieve goals and turn heads in 2018!

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