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Why Hire a Pet Sitter in Miami

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Pet Sitter versus Kennel Boarding

If you have a pet and travel frequently, chances are you have had to choose between boarding your furry pal or having someone care for them. Many folks rely on friends or family for this task. Of course, these are people you can trust, but oftentimes there may not be the same level of consistency as there would be if you hire a pet professional who has a dedicated responsibility to show up at a certain time and complete all the tasks necessary for your pet’s comfort in the most professional manner. Hiring a pet care professional makes sure there are no sticky situations to resolve upon your return.

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One of the most frequent arguments against hiring a pet sitter to come to your home, whether two or three times a day, or staying overnight to keep your fur pals company, is “I am just not comfortable with a stranger in my home.” While this is a valid argument, here are a few things to consider:

Hiring a company that is licensed, bonded, and insured — like Equipaws — who has a small group of trustworthy employees that have been stringently background checked and thoroughly trained (including pet first aid and CPR) can grant you a sigh of relief and peace of mind. At Equipaws, we make sure that our employees are kind, courteous, and considerate animal lovers who have a clean record and are up to the task of taking the best care of our clients and their pets and homes.

Extended stays at kennels can be a high-stress situation. Due to the high volume of pets at any kennel at any given time, there is a greater chance that your pet will feel the nervous energy from other pets that bark and whine because are not adjusted to the situation. Our fur pals are more sensitive to breaks in their routine. There are numerous studies and articles published about the importance of routine in your pet’s life. Once this is established, breaks from this routine, especially breaks that introduce them into stressful situations, are not often welcome. A pet prefers its familiar environment, and the loving touch of someone who it is familiar with.  Rotating staff at kennels who are overwhelmed with caring for numerous pets at any given time are no competition for one or two “friends” who drop in to give your pets the individual attention they are used to.

The sad truth is, there is a reason why Bordetella earned the moniker “Kennel Cough”. There are actually numerous infections and diseases that can roam unchecked through kennels and even upscale pet hotels. Leaving your pet in an environment with other pets is actually more of an exercise in trust than asking someone to come into your house for half an hour one to three times a day to check on your furry (or scaly, or feathered!) family. You can skip this stress by hiring someone you can trust.

Leaving your home unattended is a ringing bell for burglars. Piled up newspapers, absence of cars, static lights (even predictably times automatic lights), accumulated mail, and general lack of movement in and around the home – these are all surefire signs that your house is unattended. Our pet sitters bring in newspapers and mail, alternate lights, blinds, and/or curtains, and take care of other small details that are agreed upon during our complimentary meeting. We happily act as your surrogate while you are away to ensure that your home is lived in and kept clean and safe while you are away, so that you can return to a house that feels like your home.

Upon some thoughtful consideration, you are ready to make the best decision for your pet and home if you are planning to leave town. If you feel that a trained and professional pet sitter is the way to go, you can review the options you have with Equipaws, and schedule your free in-home consultation today! Have a pressing question that can’t wait until your consultation? Ask us! We thrive on open communication and are happy to speak with you whenever you need us!

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