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Your Prenatal Care Includes Your Pets!

You’re expecting a baby! Who’ll care for your pets during delivery?

So you’re expecting a baby- what an exciting new chapter in your life! Visiting your OB/GYN for prenatal care is as exciting and vital as the road you have travelled to get there. 

Your prenatal plan includes four trimesters, give or take 2 months, of pertinent information that can often be overwhelming. Whether it’s your first or fourth, having a plan makes it easy to stay on track with good health and keeps you from forgetting anything already in the routine we call daily life. Part of that daily life most likely includes pets that you adore and who are a big part of your family already. In order to keep those babies, who have been so loyal and loving, as healthy and happy as you have made them feel all their life, they must stay part of your prenatal plans. 

The cats and dogs in your family should have a written plan and a back up plan for labor and delivery time! 

Often we remember that one last thing in the rush of labor onset. The dog! The cat! Or even the bird! Remember whoever usually cares for them will most likely be by your side for the days you are away giving birth. Have a backup plan already in place. Setting up a profile with your local (licensed, bonded and insured) pet services provider is an important and wonderful way to plan. It takes the burden off you and keeps the pet stress free as they adjust to this new life chapter with you. 

Must-Do’s before Delivery:

  • Set up your healthy dog’s profile
  • Set up a meet and greet
  • Get your daily walks covered
  • Weekly play dates
  • Weekend retreats for yourself 
  • Labor and Delivery plan: have your pet care on standby
  • Coming home: set up a plan for dog care when you’re the busiest

How to prepare for baby when you have cats! 

  • Set up your healthy cat’s profile
  • Set up a meet and greet
  • Schedule your daily Sift, Sit and Purr
  • Weekly brushing and pedicure
  • Weekend retreats 
  • Labor and Delivery plan: have your pet care on standby
  • Coming home: set up a plan for cat care when you can’t scoop litter, etc. 

Pets on medications, veterinary prescribed treatment plans, or recovering from illness require extra special care. We will cover your pet’s needs during our meet and greet, and may recommend sending in a Veterinary Tech Home Health provider such as our Equipaws Home Health Services.

What to expect at your meet and greet:

Your pet’ profile and arrangements for a meet and greet are complimentary. Owner Flavia Berti will go over all of your pet’s information during the meet and greet, including veterinary contact info, details about your pet’s health, feeding habits, favorite places to be pet, favorite toys, and more. You can also request to meet our pet care specialist who will be taking care of your sweet pets. Flavia will get to know your pets and all their special needs and will go over how to care for your home as well. We require three keys for service. We understand you wont leave them with just anyone. Our pet care specialists are are reputable, caring professionals. Chances are, you know them or have heard of them. Ask your veterinarian or your pet loving friends for referrals. 

Before delivery:

We recommend you set up daily walks for the pup in your life or for cat lovers, a Sift, Sit and Purrs! These are vital ways to accomplish the bond our pet care specialists will need to have prior to delivery.  Having our pet care specialists get to know your pets during your prenatal care will allow for a smooth transition while you are away and when bringing your new bundle home from the birth center. It’s a good, stress-free time for our pet care specialists to get to know your pets, their routines, and their behaviors. And your pets will become familiar and comfortable with them as well, guaranteeing their comfort and your peace of mind during your delivery. 

It’s important to set up visits for your kitties before delivery. Daily visits keep you away from sifting their litter box, something your OB/GYN will recommend being cautious with. Sitting with them (and you if possible) allows cats to take their time to get to know their pet care specialist. Brushing and a pedicure once a week is a great way to get the boundaries set up between your kitty, our pet sitter, and their tolerance for love bites. We all know, some cats are picky and take their time showing love. Getting to know them is just as important for good care.

Consider a weekend getaway. Nine months is a long time and it may be a little challenging, but having our pet sitter come in when no one is home can be very bonding and healthy for everyone. 

On your way to delivery:

When it’s go time you don’t want to be worrying about whether your pet sitter is going to show up to care for your pets or not! You’re already going to be busy. Our pet sitters can be on stand by around the time of your baby’s birth. We are a part of your team and will be waiting for your email or phone call, especially the week that your sweet baby is due. During the meet and greet, we will agree on the best method of communication for the day of delivery and get one of our amazing pet care specialists to your home when you need them.

After delivery:

After delivery comes the fun! Interacting with baby- enriching their lives, feeding them, burping them, and trying to catch up on work and sleep. It will be a busy time- consider having our amazing pet sitters come for a daily walk to help you and your pups enjoy the first trimester of your pregnancy.  Your pups will enjoy seeing their friends every day, and will look forward to exercise and a nice walk with us! This is also a great time to have us come in to scoop your kitty’s litter.

Having that relationship with your professional pet sitter gives you the peace of mind that on that special day, whether it’s scheduled or a sweet sudden surprise, labor and delivery are now all you have to think about. Calling us when you’re on the way to the birth center or hospital is as simple as that.  You’ll be on our pet sitter’s schedule and your pets will be well cared for in the fashion they are accustomed to. 

Whatever your lifestyle allows for, having a prenatal plan is always going to be a part of your pregnancy. Including your family members in that plan has become a way of life now. Keep this in mind for yourself, your friends and family, and most of all, for your loyal dogs and cats. They were your first babies after all!


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