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Sadee and Sophee: Dog Walks through Coral Gables

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We pet sit for two fabulous little rescue dogs in Coral Gables: Sadee and Sophee. Their dad enlists our pet sitting help once a week when he’s away, and also makes sure to schedule nice long dog walks for his favorite gals.

They are lovable, beautiful little girls, as you can see! We’ve worked hard on their leash etiquette, as both of them are very strong, independent females. We love a dog with personality, and these two have plenty! They are also full of love for each other: they eat out of the same bowl without problems and hang out together all day. It’s really a pleasure to be their friends!

Almost every dog we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting lives for long walks around their neighborhood, sniffing at the day’s news (i.e., other dogs’ leavings). They really love getting out of the house, taking in new stimuli, and socializing.

We love taking dogs for walks around neighborhoods like Coral Gables because the area is downright gorgeous. There are many shady, full-grown trees to block us from the heat, which is so important in Florida, as we mentioned in our post on the best practices in walking dogs in Miami. The homes are beautiful and historic, and the neighbors are very amiable. It really is one of the prettier neighborhoods in Miami.

Are you curious about whether our dog walking services would make your dog smile? Check out our dog walking packages and give us a call at 305-794-3733, or contact us via our online form. We’ll chat about your dog’s needs and set up a complimentary meet and greet to get you started!

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