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BlogPaws Wordless Wednesdays: Adopt Slinky the Dachshund in Miami, FL

Adopt a Dachshund in Miami!

Love this DoxieMeet Slinky, our foster Dachshund.

Pet Sitters Flavia and Frankie have been fostering Slinky for the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida for six months. He his a fantastic, standard Dachshund who lives to play and run… and get belly rubs!Dachshund Miami

Don’t you just want to love him?!

Slinky was originally rescued in 2010 and adopted two months later, but returned to the DRSF in 2013 after his family fell on hard times. His mom dropped him off at our home in tears.

Foster dog rescue Miami

That face…

Slinky is a 6-year-old lean standard Doxie weighing 18 lbs (you can see those muscles rippling- he’s a gorgeous dog!). He can be a little nervous around strangers (men especially) and sometimes lunges at them. But, he is very sweet and great with people he trusts, including kids. He lived with three children in his former home and never had a problem with them.

Dachshund Miami rescue adopt

He refused to leave without his bowtie.

Dachshunds are very independent and headstrong. Slinky is headstrong, but all he wants to do, all day, is be by your side. We do recommend him to a home with experienced dog owners (meaning, those who spoil their pooches, but have a firm, fair hand in disciplining their furry family members).



As you can see, he also gets along well with other dogs, and is an active, playful little dude. He even helps bring certain shy dogs out of their shells. In the right family, Slinky will shine (and keep your lap warm- he is the definition of a snuggly lap dog, despite his lean look). If you’re active, Slinky is your dog, too! He loves to go for walks and will hunt lizards all day.

If you’re interested in meeting or adopting Slinky, please fill out an application at http://www.dachshundrescuesouthflorida.com/DRSF_Application.html. E-mail any questions to info@dachshundrescuesouthflorida.com.

Very special thanks to John of Max Norman Pet Photography for the great shots of Slinky in his blue leash (the others are courtesy Frankie, one of our dog sitters). If you’d like stunning shots of your pets, visit http://maxnorman.com/. John is amazing with the dogs and also volunteers at local shelters- an all around great person.


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