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Dog Food Recall: Simply Nourish Biscuits with Beef and Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats

dog food recall

Another dog treat recall?! Not again!

Attention, dear pet sitting & dog walking clients & friends! There has been another dog food recall, this time from Loving Pets Corp. PetSmart recently announced that Loving Pets Corp was voluntarily recalling Simply Nourish Biscuits with Beef and Sweet Potatoes Dog Treats due to potential mold growth. The treats’ information: SKU number is: 5203800, and its UPC is 737257470 with a February 2016 expiration date.

Ingesting moldy food (tremorgenic mycotoxins) is dangerous for humans and animals alike; therefore, those who purchased these treats should throw them away immediately. If you fed your pets these treats and you’ve noticed them acting unnaturally you should contact your veterinarian immediately. Signs of mycotoxin poisoning include:

  • vomiting
  • agitation
  • stumbling
  • tremors
  • seizures
  • severe secondary hyperthermia

These signs may persist from hours to days and can be resolved with immediate, aggressive veterinary attention. We also advise that you sign up for the dog food recall alert from Dog Food Advisor (we also regularly send out social media and email blasts with important recall updates, especially when we know our pet sitting or dog walking clients buy the recalled foodstuffs for their fur kids). A good alternative to buying treats at risk of recall is to bake your own dog treats! There are many healthful dog treat recipes on the web, ranging from the simple (bake canned food in little shapes and voila!) to the slightly more complex. The benefit to baking your own is knowledge of your dog’s particular needs. Is he allergic to grains? Does she get loose stool with duck? You can customize your own! For more on the recall, click here or call the Loving Pets Corporation at 1-866-599-7387.

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