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Celebrate Halloween with Your Pets Responsibly

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Are you taking your dogs out for trick-or-treating? Read these safety tips before you dress them up!

Halloween is finally upon us! We love dressing up, and we definitely encourage cute outfits for those dogs who love them (we have yet to meet a cat who does, but please send photos if your kitty indulges!).  Halloween is not every pooch or kitty’s favorite holiday, though, and with reason. Guidelines for for keeping your pet safe and happy on Halloween include:

1. Don’t force that cute Princess Leia costume on your pooch or kitty. It can be stressful for picky pets. If you live in a candy-obsessed neighborhood with small children, the anxiety from constant doorbell ringing will make that costume seem like living hell.

2. Is the costume a go? Make sure there are no dangly bits your pet can chew on or choke on.

3. Make sure the costume fits well. Much like a loose collar, ill-fitting outfits can get stuck on protruding objects and cause problems.

4. Always keep their tags on! Make sure they are microchipped before any big holiday, but especially this one since it often involves opening the door multiple times.

Apartment-dwelling pets may avoid the constant doorbell and the parade of ghoulish children demanding sugar, but for those who do live in neighborhoods, keep antisocial pets far from the commotion and make sure there is no darting out.

Other Spooky Halloween Dangers to Pets:

Decorations are fun and pretty, but some may cause harm to your pet. For example, pumpkin is typically safe to eat, but not that moldy gourd with the candle in it (our carved pumpkins ALWAYS get moldy very quickly). The flame is especially dangerous for curious kitties and small children, so you may want to avoid it. Wires and electric decorations can also pose a threat, so keep an eye out for teething puppies and curious dogs.

Trick or Treat? None for your pets!

Keep the human treats away from your pets. Halloween fare is full of toxins. Dark chocolate and xylitol specifically can be deadly to your furry loved ones. Keep your eye out for kids dropping candy on the floor, or even on walks long after Halloween is over. We’ve found grapes all over our neighborhood the day after. That means two things: 1) one of our neighbors is health conscious and unpopular with the kids, and 2) one of our dogs may eat the grape and suffer extreme stomach upset. Grapes and raisins are TERRIBLE for pets, causing kidney failure. Please be on the lookout and read more about poisonous foods for pets on our other blog post. Candy wrappers and lollipops can also cause obstructions and choking hazards, so please be careful!

Say no to: dark chocolate, gums like Trident, or lollipops, please, and keep a poison hotline number on hand, like the ASPCA Poison Control: 888-426-4435.

Good luck, be safe, and have fun this Halloween! As always, please feel free to call us at 305-794-3733 with any holiday pet care you may need. We’ll be happy to watch your little ghouls while you’re out celebrating!

Cute dog cheerleader costume thanks to Petadviser.com.


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