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Valentine's Day dog gifts

Ten Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Dog in Miami!

And They Call It Puppy Love!

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the humans- your pets deserve some lovin’ too! There are so many ways to celebrate with your fur babies. On a budget? Not to fret! There are lots of things to do or buy that won’t make your pockets hurt. Check out our list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your dogs!


1. Favorite Instagrammable Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Dog:

Take a field trip to your local pet store for a new toy or treats!

You’re bound to find a cute Valentine-themed toy for your pet at any pet store this time of year! Check out local stores like The Dog from Ipanema for cute gift ideas, or contact Woofin Good for locally-made dog toys! Let your dog or cat choose their toy/treats they want! They will have such a fun time.

2. Have a Valentine’s Day photoshoot!

We all know dogs and owners tend to look alike (there’s even a term for why it happens: the mere exposure effect)! Embrace your twinsies status, put on some  matching shirts or bandanas (locals like Urbana Pet and Doggizen sell some cute items!) and strike a Valentine’s-themed pose for the camera! 

3. Purchase a Valentine’s Day collar or bandana.

Are your pets not into the bling or flowers? Get them some new threads! They’ll look absolutely pawsome in a brand new collar or bandana from local favorites Doggizen or Elo Petz!

4. Extra quality time!

Valentine’s Day this year is in the middle of the week, but you can spare an extra few minutes to play with your pet! They will truly appreciate that. You know what could make  it even more special? Surprise them with a new treat, like a LickiMat! These are great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for cats, too!


5. Schedule a Valentine’s Day playdate.

Dogs and cats have besties too! What a fur-tastic idea to spend Valentine’s Day with a fellow animal pal, and what a surprise to have it mid-week! They don’t call it “Pal-entine’s” Day for nothing!


6. Indulge in a Valentine’s Spaw Day.

Whether it’s done professionally or by you, your pet will love to be pampered on Valentine’s Day. Mobile groomers tend to be packed, so check out local brick and mortar groomers like the Dog from Ipanema, MyDog, and Scenthound in Coral Gables to support your neighbors!

7. Special meal for a special pup!

Did you know that Chill-N Nitrogen Ice Cream sells Pup Cups? Yum! You can also get one from Starbucks, Dairy Queen, or even Publix (“Frosty Paws”) for their special Valentine’s Day gift! For your feline babies, you can treat them to their favorite treats or sprinkle extra catnip in their beds.

8. Dance pawty! 

Play some of your favorite tunes and dance the night away with the furry loved one! Don’t be shy- dance like no one is watching. We do and our pups love it!


9. Have a cozy movie night in with your shy dogs!

What better way is there to spend Valentine’s Day than to snuggle up with your pet? Bonus points if you watch a movie with a pet as the main character! So sit back, grab your popcorn, and bundle up in your fuzziest blanket! 


10. Extroverted dog? Take them to our Valentine’s Movie in Coconut Grove!

Bring your furry friend and watch Lady and the Tramp with us at The Barnacle Historic State Park!

You can bring blankets and lawn chairs, however a limited amount of chairs will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to bring your own snacks too! We will also have a snack bar sold by Cafe Vidita. There will be a kissing booth photo opp too. You don’t want to miss this!

Price of admission is $15 per adult. Kids 10 and under are $7. Each person may bring a maximum of two dogs with them. Dogs must have current rabies vaccination and license (tag on collar). Dogs must be well-behaved. No excessive barking or aggressive behavior. We will be sad if we have to ask you to leave. 

Purchase tickets here.


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