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10 Best Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July can be really scary for your pets and July 4th and 5th are some of the busiest days in animal shelters and vet clinics. The fireworks stress dogs out and make pets more likely to bolt in fear, causing injuries or heartache when you can’t find them.  Please follow these tips to keep your pets safe this Independence Day!

Ten Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe on Independence Day:

  1. Check your dog’s collar for ID tags, make sure they’re microchipped, & make sure your dog’s collars and harnesses fit well.
  2. Secure your yard (close any holes) and your gates before going out to the backyard
  3. Supervise your dogs and keep them on a leash  AT ALL times when you’re outdoors or in the backyard.
  4. Please don’t take your dogs to fireworks displays if they’re afraid of them.
  5. Miamians set off fireworks early, so exercise your dogs more intensely early in the day.
  6. Don’t walk dogs during fireworks- take them to their backyard for a quick potty/poop break then back in.
  7. Bring in your outdoor cats
  8. Create a safe space for your dogs and cats to retire to with treats, Kongs, and toys
  9. Turn on the TV, radio, or Alexa to help drown out the loud fireworks and close your curtains when you notice fireworks
  10. If your pet is scared of noises, now‘s the time to talk to your vet about medications. Rescue Remedy and CBD Oil work for some, but vets can provide something stronger if needed.

Bonus Pet Safety Tip:

Stay home with them at night instead of going out. You have limited time on Earth with your pets, and you can always watch fireworks at some future date. Have a cozy night in with them, watch your favorite movie next to them, and help them feel secure. Your presence and tons of cuddles will help more than you know. 💚

What else do you do to help your pets during the more intense parts of fireworks?

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