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Why Your Dog Eats Poop

So your dog eats poop…

As your pet sitters, we pledge to keep your dogs from doing this.



As pet sitters, we meet dogs with a variety of tastes. Today we’re writing for a particular kind of parent. Yes, your dog loves to eat everything you put in front of him, and, unfortunately, many things you don’t. You know what we’re talking about- poop! God love him, your dog is a connoisseur. You can stop being embarrassed and worrying now; your favorite pet sitters have compiled a list of many of the causes for stool eating. We hope this helps!

 Why your dog is eating stool


1. Puppies love to explore

Every dog will ingest another animal’s stool at some point in his or her charmed life. Your young pup may eat stool as part of her “getting to know the world” explorations. Don’t panic. This is usually temporary and shouldn’t present a problem for your dog unless the stool is riddled with parasitic eggs. Left uncontrolled, internal parasites will rob your dog’s nutrients or prevent your dog’s body from absorbing those nutrients, at which point you need to take your dog to the vet.

2. Adult dogs shouldn’t eat stool

On the other hand, an adult dog eating stool is generally considered a red flag. Copraphagia, as it’s also called, can mean that there are dietary issues such as nutritional deficiencies or the presence of parasites in your older dog. Parasites can rob you dog’s body of nutrients, causing him to try to supplement his meals on his own. A visit to your vet will confirm the presence of those pesky, potentially life-threatening critters.

3. Are you encouraging stool eating unwittingly?

Consider that dogs may eat stool out of boredom. These are social animals who crave companionship. Chances are, your dog receives quite a bit of attention when he eats a “chocolate” treat. Break his habit by giving him more attention before he does that; take him out for longer walks (or hire a dog walker or runner to help you with this!), and feed him twice a day to give him something to look forward to. Portion out his toys so there is something new to look forward to, as well!

4. Nutritional deficiencies are linked to stool eating

Causes related to nutritional deficiencies include a lack digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid, genetic issues or flaws, and poor diet. While you can’t change your dog’s genes, you can employ several simple remedies that do often work. We’ll share those in our next blog post, so check in on Facebook next week or add us to your feeds!

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