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The holidays are a particularly hazardous time for pets. While most pet parents know to keep their dogs and cats away from the usual suspects like raisins, grapes, and dark chocolate, some may not be aware of the dangers of coffee grounds and coffee beans.
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We all love water and here in South Florida we have so many dog-friendly beaches and waterfronts to enjoy, from Hobe Beach to the Keys. Just like some humans, not all puppies and dogs know how to swim at all. There are some who know how to navigate water as an instinct (some do it more gracefully than others), but they all depend on us to keep them safe. In addition to that, not all […]
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We shared this voluntary recall with our pet sitting and dog walking clients earlier last week when we first heard about it. There is yet another Salmonella contamination scare for dry cat and dog foods, this time from Pro-Pet LLC. These foods were distributed in Florida, so there may be a chance that you or one of your friends have come across them. Please read the FDA’s press release, and spread the word with your […]
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So your dog eats poop…     As pet sitters, we meet dogs with a variety of tastes. Today we’re writing for a particular kind of parent. Yes, your dog loves to eat everything you put in front of him, and, unfortunately, many things you don’t. You know what we’re talking about- poop! God love him, your dog is a connoisseur. You can stop being embarrassed and worrying now; your favorite pet sitters have compiled […]
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