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Tips on introducing new dogs to one another

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Tips on introducing new dogs to one another.

This month’s Trainer’s Corner spotlights introducing new dogs to one another. This is perfect for a few of you who have adopted new pups into a family already consisting of canine companions.

Many of you already know of Dee Hoult, Miami’s Doggy Deeva and owner of Applause Your Paws, one of the premiere dog training companies in South Florida. We refer many of our clients to her capable trainers and also take care of some of their special dogs. It’s with great pleasure that we share an exclusive Applause Your Paws Trainer’s Corner in our monthly newsletter and blog posts for Equipaws Pet Services clients.

Q. How should I introduce my new dog to my family’s current dog without causing problems?

A. When trying to have two new dogs meet for the first time it’s best to do it on neutral ground. Many dogs will be inclined to be territorial towards a new dog coming into their space. Choose a nice open location where the dogs won’t feel cornered, like a park. Have both on leash and if unsure how the meeting will go start by walking them together but with enough distance that they won’t be able to interact. After they have gotten some energy out, try the greeting. Always keeping in mind that part of a proper and polite dog greeting is when they sniff each others rear ends.

If you are ever uncomfortable with having two dogs meet then have a certified trainer help you introduce the dogs. It’s always better to delay a meeting to make sure it’s done correctly than to have the dog’s create a bad first impression of each other. Remember you never get a second chance to make a good first impression and neither will your dog!

Follow these tips whenever you’re thinking of adopting a new pet into your family. Many thanks to Dee again for her insight!


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