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Take Your Dog to Work Day

take dog to work day 2016

Take your Dog to Work Day

Our assistant manager Meghan writes beautifully about the importance and benefits of National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Enjoy. 

 In my prior life, working at a Country Club as a golf instructor, day-to-day duties were very proper and rule-oriented. It was “Yes Ma’am” or “My pleasure Mr. So and So”. Although the environment was strict, the property was beautiful with lush green grass, snowcapped mountains in the background and blooming flowers surrounding the clubhouse. It was a wonderful place to call an office.

The club was a perfect place for our mascot, Izzy, a high-energy beagle, who came to work every day with her owner, the golf course superintendent. She would run around from dawn until dusk, chasing geese and squirrels, asking for attention from passing golfers, or loyally sit in the passenger’s seat of her golf cart. Whenever she came racing around the corner, everyone suddenly smiled and you could visibly see any signs of stress escape. Even the most stiff, older gentleman couldn’t help but crack a grin when she popped out of the flower bed. She was so cute, you couldn’t help but have a soft spot for this furry little girl. Even in this affluent environment she was welcomed with open arms.

A funny thought crossed my mind; what if everyone could bring their dog to work? Would the office or work environment be a more pleasant place? This, in fact, has been proven and implemented in 1 in 5 companies across the US! Companies such as Google, Etsy, Amazon and many more have introduced pets into the workplace culture.

In 1999, Pet Sitters International introduced Take Your Dog To Work Day to the United States. This holiday was brought from the UK to promote rescue and adoption for dogs in need. Their goal is to show co-workers the strong bond between human and dog and hopefully encourage them to adopt. Plus pups have the ability to lift our spirits, help reduce stress, and increase productivity.

Friday, June 24th marks Take Your Dog To Work Day in 2016! Seeing a smiling pup below your feet and wagging its tail has become the latest wellness trend throughout workplaces in the states.

Before taking part in this fun holiday, be sure to receive management approval as they may have a pet policy in place with legal logistics. If your office has never participated, give them the list of benefits and guide them to the Pet Sitter International website for more information.

Although it is an out of the ordinary day, be prepared when enjoying your pooch’s company at work.

  • Bathroom breaks (explaining business left under the desk of a co-worker is not one of my favorite things to do)!
  • Check with your neighbors to make sure no one has allergies. If they do, see if you can work in a different part of the office for the day. Safety and respect first!
  • Provide plenty of treats and water for your pup to enjoy.
  • Your pet will attract pup lovers, so let them come to you for a visit.
  • Be careful of over stimulation. Being around more people than usual and in a new environment can be overwhelming for pets. If you notice excess panting, give your dog a break with a longer walk.
  • If your dog displays aggressive behavior, it may be best to avoid a workplace catastrophe.
  • Stay focused! This is a treat to have your furry family member at work, show your boss it was worth it.

Who knows – maybe one day it could become an everyday affair in the office. Leading to more happiness and creativity among co-workers or perhaps getting your team involved with local shelters, volunteer work or company donations.

Lucky for me, in my current life working for Equipaws Pet Services, I get my dose of free stress relievers every day. After a morning of daily odds and ends, client requests, and budgeting I look forward to the break of my daily dog walks or pet sits with a cuddly kitten. A few pets, fresh air, and accidental face licks is enough to wash your worries away. I would highly recommend participating or encouraging Take Your Dog to Work Day as I experience it daily and it has created more value in my day than I could’ve imagined.  


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