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The Bond between Pet and Pet Sitters

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True or False: Is There a Bond between Pet and Pet Sitter?

Do you ever question your pet sitter? Did you hire a worthy and honest company or candidate to take care of your loved one? The adopted member of your family deserves the best attention when you’re away from home. From my own experience working as a pet sitter or dog walker, you must be compassionate and willing to care for another life. As a Professional Pet Sitter I want to share my personal testimony working for Equipaws Pet Services.

Moving to Miami was a huge culture shock. The city is beautiful and bright, full of color and cityscapes you only see in the movies. Blinded by beauty, I didn’t realize I would be transplanting myself into a different country, congested with traffic and construction, attempting to find my way around this concrete jungle filled with new languages and tropical scenery. I needed something that I was comfortable with. Something that would keep my mind centered and calm. Growing up on a farm surrounded by pets and farm animals I find it therapeutic caring for a pet (when they behave!). I came across a company called Equipaws Pet Services that walks dogs, including my neighborhood Brickell. I thought walking around little shih tzu’s or pugs all day would put me in familiar territory caring for animals.

After being put through several interviews, asked the basic employment questions, then pet-specific questions and taking a Pet CPR and safety course I was finally accepted into the Equipaws Team. Flavia, the brilliant and caring owner of Equipaws, and Tom, the hiring manager, really do their homework before hiring.

My first assignment was a malti-poo named Kingsley, a cream-colored fluff ball, as friendly as they come. He lived in my complex, so every day I would visit him for our 25 minute walk. The first few visits, Flavia and I would walk together so he could get acquainted with me. He ran circles around Flavia showing a great affection toward her, jumping up and down, very excited to see her. When I took the leash on our first walk he hesitated, not walking without her by our side. He even howled when she walked out of the room. As an obvious sign of adoration and I thought, “geez, I hope he acts like that with me one day.”

I’ve been caring for Kingsley for around four months now and have become quite attached. He bounds around his playpen when I walk in the door, he jumps into my arms when I go to put his leash on and yes, he does howl when I leave. He even recognizes me when I run into him and his mom around the complex, jumping up, ready to say hello.
Unfortunately, I received the news he is moving out of state! When I heard, I had a pang in my heart and am honestly devastated. Who knew I would create a close bond to this little guy in a short period of time.

Every day, good or bad, seeing Kingsley with the smile of happiness on his face, washed all the worries of the day away. As this job is mainly seven days a week, you get into a routine and see many of the same pets throughout the week. Along with Kinglsey, I have grown attached to all of the pets I care for, understanding their habits and catering to their specific needs. Even when they don’t behave, I still have a special spot in my heart for these critters.

Animals are just like humans. When you start a new job you slowly adjust and get acquainted with the people and environment around you, creating friends and a comfort zone. A child with a nanny creates a special bond and weekly routine. Seeing these furry friends everyday is the same. You create a bond that when separated is hard to give up. In addition, when working for Equipaws, there is a time minimum commitment. This allows you to create routine, understanding the policies and procedures and most importantly getting to know the animals.

Looking into the subject deeper, there is a scientific relationship that connects humans to animals. “The human-animal bond is a mutually beneficial and dynamic relationship between people and animals that is influenced by behaviors that are essential to the health and well-being of both. This includes, but is not limited to, emotional, psychological, and physical interactions of people, animals, and the environment,” according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Obviously, Kingsley needed me for physical relief and exercise, but I hope he needed my company mentally as much as I needed his.

Believe me when I say we care! The pet sitters on this team want to love your pet as much as the family they belong too. Equipaws Pet Services’ employees have been tested, questioned and trained. If your pet needs walked, run, cared for and more I assure you, your family member is in good hands!

Written by Meghan Hunter, Brickell dog walker and now Director of Client and Employee Relations.

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