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Take it from your trusty pet sitters: we can all do more to protect our pets from poison. It’s National Poison Prevention Week (and National Pet Poison Prevention month), which gives us another reason to share life-saving advice on pet proofing your home and yard in easy ways. Your best bet is to perform a room-by-room inspection of your home for dangerous items. We’ve broken down the most popular areas in our home for our […]
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Happy Professional Pet Sitters Week The teen next door, the stranger you hire online, or the person you heard about through the grapevine may be a quick and easy solution for your pet sitting needs. But, is quick and easy the kind of care you really want for your beloved pets? When you go away for the weekend or your pet requires an impromptu pet visit during the day, you want your pet to get […]
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True or False: Is There a Bond between Pet and Pet Sitter? Do you ever question your pet sitter? Did you hire a worthy and honest company or candidate to take care of your loved one? The adopted member of your family deserves the best attention when you’re away from home. From my own experience working as a pet sitter or dog walker, you must be compassionate and willing to care for another life. As a […]
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Use Your Credit Card to Book Your Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Appointments in Miami! As you are setting up your pet sitting and dog walking appointments, we’d like to give you a friendly reminder that we are switching completely to CREDIT CARDS by November 1st! So when you book for Thanksgiving and other holidays, it will be that much more convenient. Please log in to Power Pet Sitter to add your information today: https://www.powerpetsitter.net/login.aspx?bid=4223 […]
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