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Earth Day

The dirty truth behind biodegradable poop bags Ā Did you know plain plastic and traditional “biodegradable” poop bags areĀ NOT made to biodegrade in a landfill environment? It is a fact thatĀ bags labeled biodegradable or degradable require UV light (sunlight) and oxygen to break down, which areĀ not present in a landfill environment. Equipaws Pet Services is going green with GreenLine poop bags. This is the first bag on the marketĀ made with a special additive that renders the […]
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We try to act like every day is Earth Day at Equipaws Pet Services! We purchase recycled paper for our paper products, buy biodegradable doggy poop bags, carry reusable water bottles with us wherever we go when we remember, but we feel like we need a few reminders to get us back on track. How can we help conserve our resources for our children, grandchildren, pups, and grandpups and cats? We’ve compiled a list of […]
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