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The dirty truth behind biodegradable poop bags Ā Did you know plain plastic and traditional “biodegradable” poop bags areĀ NOT made to biodegrade in a landfill environment? It is a fact thatĀ bags labeled biodegradable or degradable require UV light (sunlight) and oxygen to break down, which areĀ not present in a landfill environment. Equipaws Pet Services is going green with GreenLine poop bags. This is the first bag on the marketĀ made with a special additive that renders the […]
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Pet Waste Bags Miami Should Love! Earlier this morning I was running Giro, my Portuguese Pointer buddy in Miami (check him out on our Facebook page-adorable!). He ended up doing his business in front of an older lady, Ā who Ā thanked me for picking up after him. Ā Itā€™s not the first time someone has actually stopped me to thank me for that.Ā Ā It seems like too many people in Miami donā€™t pick up after their pet! It […]
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