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South Florida Hurricane Season is almost here!

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Miami. We feel blessed  to have had fun days BBQ-ing in the Florida sun with our regulars, and very blessed to be pet sitters for a new pack that includes a Cockatoo, an African Grey, and an energetic brother/sister dog duo (they’re adorable!). Life as a pet sitter is so great that we almost can’t bear to say it, but we must. June 1 is this Friday, and officially the start to hurricane season.

We’ve asked some of our pet sitting clients about their emergency pet plans, and more than half of them don’t have one in place- which set off idea alarms. We cannot prevent emergencies from happening, but as your pet sitters we can and will be prepared for them. We want to help you prepare for them as much as you can be to lessen the impact of these emergencies. We’ll be writing about hurricane preparedness in our next few blog posts, following the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s four phases of emergency management: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery, and just sharing as much knowledge as we can.

We’ll be making a list of pet-friendly hotels, showing you what’s in our Pet First Aid Kit, and helping you create your own emergency pet plan in the coming weeks. We love living in our little corner of Pinecrest, and we know all of you love your homes. We just happen to have to deal with hurricanes and tropical storms once in a while. No biggie. We’ll have you covered so you can enjoy the good things that happen during hurricane seasonlike weekends at the beach, beautiful sunshine, mangoes, avocados, lychees… the list goes on!

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