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School Starts Today in Miami. Is Your Dog Ready?

School Starts Today in Miami-Dade… Is Your Dog Ready?

We all work a ton, which means we’re away from our dogs a bit longer than we’re happy to admit. And now that summer is over and school is starting in Miami, everyone is gearing up for days packed with activity (or extra traffic if you don’t have kids)… everyone except your pets! What do you think they do while you’re gone all day? I can think of a few activities… napping, eating too much, napping some more… and missing you!

All living beings are creatures of habits, but this is especially true for dogs because they depend on us, their families, for love, attention, food, and more. With all the homework and activities in the school year, your kids might not spend as much time with their dogs as they did in the summer. We want to help your pet transition from summertime fun to the new school year routine, so read on for tips on easing them into a new schedule!

Helping Your Dog Cope with a New School Schedule

1. You can work with your kids to establish a daily routine for feeding, walking, socializing, and play. This should be something that works for the whole school year. Your dog will have something to look forward to.

2. If your dog is trained enough and your home is pet-proof, hide favorite treats and toys around the house. It will become a fun, tasty treasure hunt. They especially like rubber Kongs or bones filled with peanut butter.

3. Every dog has a favorite, special toy. Have your kids give it to them before they leave for school, and put it away once they return.

4. Hire us to take your pets on a walk! Yes, we are biased, but the benefits of exercise and companionship have been proven time and again. Dogs thrive with appropriate exercise, and it really is the best cure for a lazy day, boredom, and a fat tummy.

If you’re curious about how your dog would like a walk or jog, give me a call and we’d be very happy to chat about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of routine exercise for your pets with you: 305.794.3733. We hope our tips help you and your dogs!

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