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What’s in Your Pet First Aid Kit?

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10 Most Common Pet First Aid Kit Items

What’s in your Pet First Aid Kit? Has your pet ever had an accident or been suddenly injured at your home or while out on an adventure? It can be a frightening experience. In Miami, our pets are exposed to dangers while just out for a walk or playing in the back yard. What would you do if your dog experiences an allergic reaction to a bee sting? Are you prepared to treat a paw cut, wound, or burn? Do you know how to handle your pet until they receive professional veterinary care?

Be ready for an emergency with a pet first aid kit which you can purchase at any pet supply store. Or take a regular first aid kit and modify it for your cat or dog. For safety precautions with all medical and first aid equipment, keep out of reach of children and pets. Also keep materials up to date and check the kit yearly if you need to replace any expired supplies.

Here are the most common Pet First Aid Kit Items:

  • Pet First Aid Book (covering care for your pet in an emergency situation)
  • Important Phone Numbers (Your vet, emergency 24 hour vet, poison control center)
  • Vaccination Reports (updated vaccination reports in water safe beg)
  • Felt Strip (used as muzzle to contain animal and prevent from biting)
  • Gauze Pads
  • Self Cling Bandages (do not stick to fur)
  • Antiseptic Wipes, Lotion, Powder or Spray
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Hydrogen peroxide (can be used to induce vomiting)
  • Blanket (Easy way to comfort and transport pets)

If you would like to add to your pet first aid kit here is a list of additional items our pet sitters at Equipaws carry:

  • Cold Compress
  • Triangular Bandage 37″ x 37″
  • Adhesive Tape 0.5″ x 2.5 yards
  • Plastic Forceps
  • Fingertip Bandage
  • Iodine Prep Pads
  • 6 BZK Towelettes
  • 20 Adhesive Strips 0.75″ x 3″
  • 10 Adhesive Snips 0.375″ x 1″
  • Safety Pins
  • Foam Knee Pad

Preparing for Other Pet Emergencies:

Pet Carrier Accessible: Have a carrier within reach or close to the door. If you have to evacuate, do not leave your pet at home – think ahead of time where to take them. Have at least two weeks supply of food and water for your pet ready. Include your Pet First Aid kit as well.

Microchip your Pet: Be prepared! Have all pets microchipped and make sure they have a collar and ID tag. In addition, make sure the microchip is registered and information is current. 

Keep your eyes peeled: Preventable accidents are the leading cause of death and illness among pets! Avoid hazards such as hot concrete, dehydration, and broken glass or any type of leftover foods. Be smart about what environment your pet resides in- don’t leave them outside without supervision, we have too many nasty critters! Visit our post on common household poisons for pets, too.

Be Knowledgeable: If you are in a suburb or rural area pups may come in contact with harmful insects, reptiles or plants.  Know what type can harm your precious pets. For more information check out this link provided by the ASPCA on poison prevention for toxic and non-toxic plants and our post on how to prevent pets being poisoned by a Bufo Toad

Toxic Food: Understand food besides the typical chocolate, raisins and alcohol that can be harmful to your pet. Visit the following link for a full list of food products your pet should steer clear of and our handy guideline for dangerous holiday foods, like our toxic Thanksgiving Day foods for pets chart.

Pettech Pet First Aid Kit App

More information is easily accessible by downloading the Pet Tech Pet Saver app. This app provides emergency tools, such as a vet hospital or contact information, or emergency pet first aid, with information on any type of infection, bite, or allergic reaction. It’s an animal’s WebMD. You can download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for Android by searching for Pet Tech Pet Saver or by going to http://www.pettech.net/app/index.php.

At Equipaws, our staff is fully equipped with a Pet First Aid Kit when caring for your animals, and everyone is Pet Tech Certified, which means they are trained in Animal CPR and First Aid. We are prepared to avoid potential danger, prevent accidents, and save lives until your pet is in the hands of a vet or professional. We hope this information will help you and keep your pet safe!

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