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Local Biz Spotlight: Carla’s Doggy Grooming in Coconut Grove

dog grooming Coconut Grove

Local Small Pet Business Spotlight Blog:

Carla’s Doggy Grooming in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables

As a locally-owned dog walking and pet sitting company with deep roots in Miami, Equipaws Pet Services is proud to partner and support fellow small businesses and pet professionals in the Miami area. We love to see our neighborhoods flourish with fresh ideas and entrepreneurs to create a modern, exciting, and thriving community.

One of our favorite small business partners is Carla’s Doggy Grooming, a mobile dog grooming business founded and run by Carla Sebastia. Carla takes care of several of our clients (you can see Cleo the Basset Hound, Milo the Maltese, and brothers Rocky and Troy in our gallery below!) and has also volunteered with us in pet-friendly events around Miami. Carla’s Doggy Grooming was opened six years ago and serves dogs in the Coconut Grove and Coral Gables neighborhoods. Her grooming van comes directly to your door where she provides pooch pampering, professional talent, and love all while using eco-friendly products. She serves all good-natured pups of any breed and size; vaccinations records are not required.  

Coconut Grove’s Most Passionate Dog Groomer

As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Eight years ago Carla was laid off from her 9-5 desk job and was left wondering what would be next. A friend offered her a gig bathing dogs at his parents’ grooming facility and the rest is history…well almost. She spent her days observing other groomers and began taking an interest in the profession. “Growing up, I always wanted to be a hairdresser, so I began to take interest and would watch and observe the groomers in the store as they would transform pooches that would come in looking “ruff,” to leaving looking like a cartoon character. They looked like different dogs!” After what seemed like an eternity, one of the head groomers moved away, leaving an open position.  The owners saw the passion Carla had for the animals and the craft and gave her a shot.

A year later of dog grooming in Coconut Grove got Carla thinking. “Having the pleasure of working for them, I decided it was time to be on my own. I knew I had what it took and people commended my work. I bought the best grooming table, blow dryer, and the rest of the equipment I needed. Stuffed it in the back of my two-door mustang and began my journey of Carla’s Doggy Grooming.”

After several years of trial and error, Carla decided against the brick and mortar and went 100% mobile. “My amazing husband found a company in Indiana specializing only in custom dog grooming vans!” Carla thought it was the only way to provide a one-on-one personable grooming experience. “We ordered it by phone, got on a plane, picked it up, and drove our way back down in my new beautiful, hot pink, state-of-the-art, custom van. I went from grooming on grass in backyards to grooming on a glittery floor in driveways!” Carla’s van makes a statement as it can be seen anywhere in town with the unmistakable pink paint job.

Carla’s Doggy Grooming provides the following services in Coconut Grove and Coral Gables:

  •         Mobile dog grooming
  •         Full Haircut and Bath packages
  •         Teeth brushing
  •         PAWdicure (nail trimming)
  •         Ear hair removal and deep cleaning
  •         Dreaded gland expression
  •         All-Natural and organic products
  •         Discounts for families with multiple dogs

How to Make Your First Dog Grooming Appointment

Carla does offer a discount for new dog grooming clients in Coconut Grove. She suggests new clients make appointments at least one week in advance. If your dog is a first timer, Carla will come to your home and introduce herself with a treat getting to know your pooch. Pet parents are welcome to bring the pup into the van and let them sniff around to get acquainted. Spoken as a true pet person, “Usually, the pups always sense a dog lover and feel my good energy and they know right away, I’m just there to help them get pretty and feel better.”

How to Schedule with Carla’s Doggy Grooming:

Carla reflects, “It’s quite refreshing how fate happens and life directs you towards what you were meant to do.”  We would agree 100%, as she is a top professional in her field at home in Miami.  So ask yourself, “When is your pooch having a sPAW day with Carla’s Doggy Grooming?” For more information on Carla’s Doggy Grooming please call (786)-227-7357 or visit her via Facebook page or her website. You may schedule by phone, email or direct Facebook messenger.

Healthy Pro-Tips from Your Neighborhood Dog Groomer:

What’s the best dog shampoo?

We had to pick Carla’s brain for some pro tips. She swears by Bio-Groom, Organically Correct, and Nature’s Specialties. Carla says, “They are all eco-friendly, and perform wonders on coats and skin! They are all premium grooming products made with the finest ingredients available, and known for gentleness and performance.”

Keeping Your Dog Fresh between Baths:

Also, if you are attempting to keep your pup clean between grooming appointments Carla suggests, “Keeping them inside as much as possible, making sure to brush them to prevent knotting, giving them a quick bath yourself, or simply putting them on a more frequent schedule with Carla’s Doggy Grooming!”

Equipaws Pet Services is always on the lookout for reputable small businesses in Miami. Feel free to reach out and connect! We would love to hear from you!


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