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Miami Hurricane Pet Evacuation Guide

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Miami Hurricane Preparedness: Pet Edition

Dogs and summer in Miami make for a great time, minus the afternoon rain, says Bella. Beyond rain… are you and your pets prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season that started on June 1st? It’s been almost a decade since Hurricane Wilma hit, so we understand if you’ve forgotten some of the basics. Your Equipaws pet sitters¬†want to help you and your pets prepare for whatever comes at us between now and November 30!

Breaking It Down: Find Your Pet Evacuation Center

It’s really, really hard to keep your head straight and cover every detail needed when those hurricane watches and warnings start coming in. But because pets are part of our families, we do our best to make preparations for their safety, and never leave them behind if we have to evacuate.

But where do you evacuate? Last week a client asked us about available pet-friendly shelters in our community. We are lucky; Miami-Dade offers pet-friendly evacuation centers for those families living in evacuation areas, unsafe structures, and mobile homes.

Pet-Friendly Evacuation Centers accept dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, and small rabbits. The following are the two centers in Miami-Dade which accept families with pets during emergencies (limited to four pets per household):

E. Darwin Fuchs Pavilion
10901 SW 24th St.
Miami, FL 33199

Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High
1410 County Line Road
Miami, FL 33179

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Keep’em Cozy: Register Your Pets in Miami’s Pet Friendly Evacuation System

To be accepted, you must provide proof of residency within an evacuation zone. You will have to present current vaccination records, especially a rabies vaccination and a visible Miami-Dade County dog license, as well as your pet‚Äôs medical records. Cats must also have their rabies vaccination. Head over to the¬†Miami-Dade,gov’s Disaster Preparedness page. Be sure to click on the link in the sidebar on the right titled¬†Pet Friendly Evacuation Systems, and sign up there. They will need to verify your eligibility, and will send you an acceptance letter.

Family members must remain in the pet evacuation center with their pets, and must bring enough supplies to care for themselves and their pets. Please keep in mind that Miami-Dade County Animal Services does not board animals during emergencies. They must reserve space for animals displaced from their homes after storms.

Pet Friendly Evacuation Center Requirements at a Glance:

  • Create a User ID and a password to access and submit the required¬†Pet-Friendly Evacuation Center Form¬†prior to disaster. A tentative acceptance letter will be sent upon receipt and verification of eligibility.
  • Provide proof of residency within an evacuation zone
  • Present medical and current vaccination records for each pet.¬†Annual rabies vaccinations¬†and a visible Miami-Dade County¬†dog license¬†are required by Miami-Dade County Code. Strict enforcement concerning these violations is essential to ensure a rabies-free community. Cats are also required to have annual rabies vaccinations.
  • Pet owners must bring supplies for themselves and their pet(s)
  • Limit four (4) pets per household
  • Family member must remain in the PEC with the pet(s)

You can learn more about Miami-Dade’s Pet Friendly Evacuation Center by calling 786-331-5354 or clicking any of the links above. We hope this helps a little bit! Please share any of your experiences in the comments section below.

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