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Covered in Pet Fur? Check Out this Remover!

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Cat and Dog Fur Removal Tip: ​Buy Yourself the Magic Pet Hair Remover

Are your furry pals furry-ing up the whole house? No matter how much we love our fur babies, excess tufts of dog and cat hair on furniture, clothes, carpets, and area rugs can be a real eyesore – not to mention an allergy nest for sensitive eyes and noses! Our pet sitters serve on the front lines of the fur battle, and we can tell you that this summer shedding won’t be a problem anymore since we found out and tried the Magic Pet Hair Remover by Four Paws! ​Friends, this thing WORKS. One of our Pet Sitters demonstrates with fur from one of our long-haired feline friends below:

cat dog fur sitter walker Miami dog fur miamicat dog fur pet sitter walker Miami Coconut Grove Brickell

Finally, a pet hair remover that works!

We here at Equipaws are happy to let you know that this sponge-looking pet hair remover will quickly replace your traditional lint remover after your first test swipe. The standard rolling lint remover can take a bit of elbow grease, and the adhesive sheets on them wear out quickly. This is no real match for the fur and dander of a heavily shedding canine or feline.  You can be rolling away for a long, long time and still only pick up so much hair.

True to its name, with just a few wipes, the Magic Pet Hair Remover eliminates any trace of pet hair on clothes, furniture, and carpet. You can even spot treat your tile and wood floors!  This thing really grabs and holds! Of course, real heavy jobs might require the use of a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner — even magic has its limits! However, after using this product at a client’s home and being thoroughly impressed (this kitty, even though we brushed her daily, really shed!), we knew we had to spread the good news to all of our pet parents!

We are getting some of our own to try in our own homes. Want to try it out? Find it here! Have you already had an experience with the Magic Pet Hair Remover? Let us know about it in the comments below!



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