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How to Hire a Pet Sitter

Help! It’s my first time hiring a pet sitter!

Hiring a pet sitter can feel just like hiring a nanny for your children– a little nerve-wracking, time intensive, and (we hope) very exciting. You know the person you hire will be caring for your pets and keeping  your home safe. Letting someone new into your life takes a good deal of trust, but we believe pet sitting is a great, comforting option for your pets’ care and worth the time invested in finding the right fit.

If it’s your first time hiring a pet sitter, the best advice we can give you to ask many questions and trust your instincts. Even if the pet sitter is well-qualified, it is equally important for you and your pets to feel comfortable with their pet sitter. Remember, pet sitters offer a highly personalized service- you have to feel secure about what could become a long-term relationship.

Finding your perfect pet sitter

We can’t stress enough that pet parents should develop a set of questions and conduct a thorough interview with their future pet sitter.  The following are a few questions that should help you find the best fit for you and your pet. Ideally, your pet sitter will come with solid references. Request proof of bonding and liability insurance coverage, and, of course, make sure he or she interacts well with your pet. We require a free initial consultation to get to know you, your pet and the ins and outs of  your home.

We hope these questions help you!

  1. Do you have any special training in this field?
  2. What kind of pets have you cared for?
  3. Do you have training in pet First Aid?
  4.  Do you provide Service Contracts & Veterinary Authorization for Treatment forms?
  5. Are you a member of any professional pet sitting organizations or other organizations  related to this field?
  6. Do you have any written references from other clients I may see?
  7. Are you an owner operator or do you have employees you will be sending to care for my pet(s)?

I’ve met the best pet sitter ever. What do I need to tell her?

Once you’ve found your new best friend, there are quite a few details he or she needs to know. What is the length of your trip? Which alarm company do you use? Where is the shut-off valve, and does your door only open if you jiggle the lock a certain way? The more information you provide for your pet sitter, the better equipped  he or she will be to work with any situation that may arise.

Pet owners also need to know their pet and be able to provide thorough information on their daily routines, preferences, sensitivities, allergies, hiding places, and the like. Check out our “Getting Started” section for more detailed information on what to expect with us.

Do you have any questions, or comments? Let us know, below! And for pet sitters wondering how to go about asking the right questions, visit the Association of Pet Sitting Excellence or the National Association for Professional Pet Sitters for a few tips.


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