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Do You Know Your City’s Pet Friendly Hotels?

We’ve been so busy pet sitting and running dogs that our blog posts are piling up!  We’re very grateful to be so busy taking care of people’s loved ones, and we want to show appreciation with a post on finding which shelters and hotels are pet-friendly in the event of an emergency. Read on for some quick tips!

How to choose a Pet Friendly Hotel

There are a few important details that you need to know beyond simply having a list of names and numbers of hotels. For example, some hotels require that you bring your dog’s crate with you for your dog’s stay. Other hotels have maximum pet weight limits, and others can either require a pet deposit with a refund, or no refund. We’ve found that the weight limit in many of the Miami-area hotels seems to run from 25 to 40 pounds for many hotels.  Your loving Newfoundland or mastiff need a safe, air-conditioned haven too, so make sure you call each hotel in your area for their pet weight limits. There are also limits to the number of dogs accepted per room; another reason to do your homework before an emergency strikes.

Staying in Dadeland and Cutler Bay

We called one of our local hotels in South Miami, the Hotel Indigo at Dadeland, to talk about their pet policy. Many of the pet hotel finder websites state that this particular hotel accepts dogs under 40 pounds only. An employee revealed that they don’t actually weigh the  dogs and  don’t necessarily enforce that rule. This sounds promising, but we recommend calling to obtain permission from a manager before heading over with your bigger pooch. This hotel doesn’t require crates, but it does require leashes. And if you want room service, you’re going to need to take your pup out of the room with you; housekeeping doesn’t enter rooms with canines. La Quinta Room and Suites in Cutler Bay has a 25 pound limit, but personnel also advised us to talk to their general manager and you might be able to bring your big pal in with you.

Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel Near You

The quickest way to find pet-friendly hotels in your area is to do a quick search with sites like PetFriendlyHotels.com (we’ve listed the sites we use at the end of the post). Better yet, call the five pet-friendly hotels closest to your home before you actually need them and find out more specifics about their doggy requirements. A lot of these sites rely on information provided by customers, and some information found on hotels’ websites may be outdated.

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