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Beat the Heat! How to Exercise Dogs in Hot Weather

exercise dogs in hot weather

Beat the Heat: Keep Your Dog Healthy and Active in the Miami

In Miami we are faced with sweltering heat year round and a dilemma: how to exercise dogs in hot weather safely. The boiling sun and tropical moisture can make any physical activity daunting. As animal lovers, Equipaws Pet Services stresses a consistent exercise routine for most pets, but we want your dogs to be able to play and exercise safely despite our hot and humid weather.

Our dog walkers provide daily dog walks and runs for our pack year round because we have found ways to beat the heat and keep our pups fit, healthy, and happy safely. We take all precautions when exercising and found the activities listed below have been very successful. Take a look!

How to Exercise Dogs in Hot Weather:

It’s Too Hot!: There’s never an excuse for lack of playtime. Inside your cool air conditioned home, get your dog active with a chew toy or ball. Most dogs loves to fetch, so throwing around a ball inside for a while is a fantastic way to keep them moving. Warning: move any breakable items!

Strut Your Stuff: The most common way to exercise your dog is walking and we live in the best place to do it! Take in the beautiful Miami evening, enjoy the cooler part of the day and soak in the paradise right outside your door. To get you started, here is a list of local parks that are very dog friendly:

  • Peacock Park, The Historic Barnacle Park & Marinas (Coconut Grove)
  • Brickell Key (Brickell)
  • Margaret Pace Park (Downtown)
  • Kennedy Park (Coconut Grove)
  • Tropical Park Bark Park
  • Key Biscayne’s Hobie Beach

All of these areas are close to or on the water, which provides gorgeous views and a healthy breeze. If you’re not interested in going far, head out to your backyard or neighborhood and hit the streets for a stroll.

dog runner Miami

Run Fido Run!:

If you have a fit pup like our sweet Leia (pictured) and enjoy dog running, give them a good challenge. A nice jog around the neighborhood is good for the fit pups’ soul. Be sure to stay in the shade and keep an eye on their breathing. Also practicing fast to slow intervals will allow them to catch their breath and enjoy a potty break. If running, be prepared with water for both you and your pup. If your dog is a beginner, start slow and work your way up with length of time and speed, and of course, always ask your veterinarian if you can start a running regimen.


hot weather play ideas for dogs

Take a Swim:

Lucky enough to have a pool like our sweet Lacey does? Take advantage and play fetch where your pup has to jump into the water to retrieve a toy. If your dog is hesitant, jump in with them! Swimming is a great workout for humans as well! If the pool isn’t your scene, take a dip in the ocean. Dogs love splashing around in the waves. Check local beaches that are dog friendly before going on your adventure. (Bark Beach at North Shore and Haulover Park, both located in Miami Beach, as well as Hobie Beach)  


hose down dogs

Hose them Down:

Our friend Rosco loves a good dose of water, and your pups might, too! Spray your dogs down before their run with a garden hose (make sure the water is cool before spraying) or for a lighter dose, try a spray bottle, which will give them a cool misting. Do this before and after walks or runs to prevent the development of heat stroke. Not all dogs prefer to be wet, but as their caretakers we must do what’s best for them despite how they might feel about water. 😉

Helpful Heat Products – Proper Preparation for Exercise:

  • Water bottle
  • Water bottle holder with clip
  • Pop up or adjustable bowl
  • Spray bottle
  • Towels (use to dry off dog)
  • Life jacket (if swimming in pool or ocean)

Remember, dogs, just as humans, get bored or lethargic if kept inside with lack of movement or activity. Not to mention, zero exercise can do a number on your pups’ health. In the heat of the summer or those hot fall days that find us, pup parents still need ways to get moving!  Dogs need new smells, sights, sounds, and activity just as humans do. Plus you get the benefits of the extra calorie burn too! Before beginning an exercise routine, consult with your vet on what is a healthy amount for your pup as this will vary with age, breed, size. You can also make your pups a tasty frozen dog treat to reward a job well done! Check out our frozen dog treat recipes here.

No time for a dog walk or run? Equipaws Pet Services’ dog walkers and dog runners are happy to help! Please call us at 305.794.3733 or email us with questions at info@equipawspetservices.com. We look forward to keeping your pet fit, healthy, and happy responsibly!

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