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Coconut Grove Pet Sitter Spotlight: Kristen Cortese

Coconut Grove pet sitter

Coconut Grove Pet Sitter Spotlight: Kristen Cortese

At Equipaws Pet Services we have the luxury of servicing several beautiful neighborhoods from Brickell to Cutler Bay. Our clients are very fortunate to have Kristen Cortese as one of their Coral Gables and Coconut Grove pet sitters, dog walkers, and dog runners. Kristen spends her days providing exercise and love for our pups and kitty clients in the area with love and devotion.

Kristen is originally from Chicago and moved to Miami 23 years ago with her two cats.  Her love for animals has led her to help many rescues and rehabilitation programs throughout the years.  As an active member of the Cat Network she assists in reducing the cat population in her community by taking feral cats to receive the low-cost spay and neuter the Cat Network provides. For more information on the Cat Network please visit their website. 

How she found Equipaws Pet Services

After years of being a stay-at-home mom, Kristen was entering the working world looking for a career she could truly enjoy. A job that would allow her to use all of her knowledge and skills catering to animals. Fortunately, the answer was in an Equipaws advertisement. Kristen tells us, “I wanted to put my heart, experience and skills I have learned over the years helping animals in a way I could provide income, as well as spending my time doing something that I really love and believe in wholeheartedly.”

Our company shares the same values…

“What drew me to Equipaws was their passion and love they show for the animals as well as their professionalism shown within the company itself.  Which was quickly followed up by the outstanding selfless people I work with who have a heart to provide the absolute best care for our clients and their pets.These are the exact type of people and company I want to be a part of.”

What Kristen loves about her job as a dog walker/pet sitter….

…I love spending my day with my pet clients and providing them with the best service I can.   

…I love the training provided by EPS, which goes above and beyond, and equips me to be the best dog walker/pet sitter possible.  

…I love building relationships and trust with my pet clients and parents.  

…I love the people I work for and which makes my job feel more like a passion instead of work.  

Coconut Grove pet sitter German shepheard

Why we LOVE Kristen…

Kristen is an energetic, caring, and loving person, mother, friend, pet parent and employee. You can guarantee she has a smile on her face and positive attitude 100% of the time. She is always willing to help and has a gentle aura that connects with clients. We her biggest fans!

How does she connect with your pet…?

Being a positive influence and watching the pet progress is very important to Kristen. She builds a personal connection and friendship with each pet.  “I love seeing them grow and reach milestones as well being a part of their accomplishments.  Each time with my pet clients brings lots of laughter and fun and allows me the opportunity to be a part of their growth and development.”

Kristen’s Best Advice for Pet Parents…?

Invest in your pet! We, as humans, invest in ourselves with diet, exercise, activities, health check-ups, and care. Why not provide the same for your pet? We agree when Kristen says, “help them be the best version of themselves they can be.  When pet parents invest in training and the well-being of their animals it makes for a better experience for the parents and their pets.”

Her Furry Family…Kristen’s pet family includes an American Bulldog named Manfred, a Schnauzer named Lulu, and a sweet Lovebird named Peach who all love a car ride! Also, a cat named Muffin.  They all bring love and joy into her life in very special ways.

Off the clock…In Kristen’s free time you will find her at the gym, paddle boarding, or cooking up a delicious healthy meal.

At the end of the day, Kristen values all her relationships with each and every pet and looks forward to seeing them every day. We couldn’t ask for anything more and are so happy to have Kristen in our pack. She has been a terrific addition to the Equipaws family! 

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